Beer in Art #17: Peter French’s Anchor Brewery

In a few hours I’ll be attending a memorial for the beer community celebrating the life of fellow beer writer and friend Bill Brand at The Trappist in Oakland. Someone discovered in Bill’s archives, a column in which he discloses Anchor Porter to be his favorite beer, so today’s work of art is the entitled the Anchor Brewery, by British artist Peter French. Sadly, it’s not our Anchor Brewery, but one from England, though I’m not entirely sure which one.


As for which Anchor Brewery this is, perhaps one of my Brit friends knows? There was an Anchor Brewery in Southwark owned by Barclay Perkins, and another, Charrington’s Anchor Brewery on Mile End Road, both in north London. According to the book British Breweries by Lynn F. Pearson, Courage also had one in Horsleydown and Charrington had another one in Tower Hamlets. Then there was Bullard & Sons Anchor Brewery in Norwich and yet another in Hull, by Freeman, Gaskell & Sons. The name Anchor, I suspect, was quite common, s there could have been many more for all I know.

Which makes it all the more infuriating that the artist doesn’t tell us which Anchor Brewery he’s painted. C’est la vie. Still, it’s a nice watercolor and you could even buy yourself a print of it at, among others.

There’s not much more about the artist, Peter French, and even the biography at his own website is blank, though you can see a number of his other works, most of which are watercolors of buildings. You can also see a number of his architectural drawings, cityscapes and landscapes on the Artist’s Web,



  1. says

    There was an Anchor Brewery in Dublin too. Their butts, legend tells us, were used to prop up the gallows from which Robert Emmet was hanged.

    Quality merchandise they were too, since his head came clean off and rolled down Bridgefoot Street.

  2. steve says

    hi there just a quick word about charringtons ,the anchor brewery mile end rd and tower hamlets was one of the same,all the east london breweries were built along mile end rd as they all drew off the same water started with whitbread at chiswell street (the name of the well)then truman,hanbury and buxton at the black eagle brewery hanbury street.then watney ,coombe and reid at the albion brewery.then mann, crossman and paulin who combined with watneys to become watney manns,then there was charrington the last on the line ,all these breweries were within 3 miles of each other,i dont know how deep our well was but a few times i have dropped stones down there and never heard them hit bottom.regards steve.

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