Beer In Art #34: Faye Yong’s Rivers Of Gold

Today’s work of art is by Faye Yong, an illustrator and manga graphic novel artist who’s originally from Malaysia, but who came to the UK for art school and has remained in Cambridge. The title of the work is Rivers of Gold and is the fourth painting in a series of six called Wonderland Lost.


The series deals with her “experiences since coming to the West.” Rivers of Gold she explains is about “Drinking culture, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in beer.” The art is done using Adobe Photoshop and took her approximately 40 hours.

It’s interesting that she chose Stella Artois as the beer, but it is fairly popular in the UK where she lives. That’s her inside the pint glass, of course, as she appears as a diminutive version of herself in every one of the six paintings. But its got some great surrealist weirdness in it, from the fountains of beer, the soccer sun to the flying beer cans.

The other topics include fashion, hooliganism and uncivilised behaviour on the streets, shattered illusions and sexual promiscuity and overindulgent young people.

According to her website:

I’m an illustrator and comic artist specialising in the field of digital art. My interests and influences come from digital painting, concept art, fantasy, fashion as well as manga. I believe in creating beautiful artwork for the betterment of mankind, and am always looking forward to learning new things

This is the biography of Yong at the website of Sweatdrop Studios, the publisher of her first graphic novel Murphy’s Law.

I’m a former pianist who escaped the muggy tropicals of Malaysia to pursue an Illustration degree in UK. I dream of a world filled with eye candy and I believe strongly in creating more beautiful illustrations for the betterment of the universe. It is my lifelong goal to improve artistic & storytelling skills.

I recently won the 3rd place & People’s Choice Award of Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga UK & Ireland 3.

I have a terrible weakness for shoujo manga and anything with a happy ending. I place much importance on visual gratification and tummy happiness.

There’s not much more biographical information online, but there are samples of her comic work and other graphic work in a gallery. She also illustrated version of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. She was also Artist of the Month on a British Manga website, Mangaka. And Sweatdrop Studios has a Wikipedia page.


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