Beer In Art #43: Petrus Staverenus’ Man Brandishing A Beer Glass

Today’s artist is Dutch, and all I know is that he was active from around 1634 to 1654. His name was Petrus Staverenus and the painting below is called Man Brandishing A Beer Glass, although it’s sometimes also titled A Man in a Landscape, Raising a Beer Glass.


I know Staverenus is considered to be an “Old Master,” but that pencil mustache — though undoubtedly common four centuries ago — seems almost comical now. He looks like a villain in a melodrama. A bit too “Snidely Whiplash.” Along with that goofy hat and the smirk on his face, he certainly seems untrustworthy to me; the 17th century equivalent of a used car salesmen.

The auction house, Christie’s, listing another piece by him, doesn’t know much more, either. “Little is known about the artist. He is recorded in The Hague in 1634-54.” You can also see another work at ArtFact.

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