Beer In Art #71: Tom Payne’s Beer Series

Today’s work of art is by a local artist, from nearby Sonoma County, by the name of Tom Payne. He’s embarked on a series of beer paintings, at least one of which has appeared in All About Beer magazine. So far, five paintings in his Beer Series have been completed, with more promised to follow. I think my favorite so far is Jack o’ the Green.


Here’s how Payne describes the painting:

Then came Mad Lloyd’s Jack o’ the Green Summer Ale. A parade festival of sorts, including the Green Man, the Lord of Misrule (whose appearance at a Summertide Festival caused me no end of cognitive dissonance), an alligator playing a trombone and various other parts and parcels.

But a close second has to be Mad Lloyd’s Tumultuous Uproar Imperial Stout, see below.


That was the second beer painting an in essence the one that set Payne down the path. All his work has a great, surreal quality, reminiscent of Max Ernst or the much earlier Hieronymus Bosch. There are lots of mysterious, fun details painted throughout every nook and cranny of each work.

Here’s a part of his biography, taken up starting with his arrival in Sonoma.

I moved to Sonoma County and started oil painting late in 2002, taking a few classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College to get things rolling. I discovered that oil is “where it’s at.” Pen & ink has always been the thing, but oil is the blastocyst, no question.

I am “interested in the spaces between line and form, real and imaginary, accident and purpose, defined and mysterious–figures that turn into landscapes and landscapes that become figures” it says here… how odd. I see things wrong (I also hear things wrong), and that’s what the “deal” is apparently.

I still draw and paint and make wine and wander about. Time continues to become a burgeoning apparatus. The wild turkeys are closing in and there is very little time left of time. So we may as well “do right” and “come about” in the appropriate manner.

Blah blah, crappy crap. And cetera. Aliusque tambien.

There’s much more at Payne’s website, Eyeball Press, where you can see galleries of paintings, and big paintings along with drawings and much else. He also sells his own work and takes commissions, too.

And here’s one more beer painting, Too Many Secrets Porter.


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