Beer In Art #72: Shawn Kenney’s Will Work For Food (& Beer)

Today’s works are from a series entitled Will Work For Food by an artist from Providence, Rhode Island, Shawn Kenney. There’s a story behind the project, and a portion of each sale is “donated to agencies working to end hunger through education, outreach, and food distribution.” All of the beer paintings are already sold, but plenty of food paintings remain available in the food inventory. The first beer painting below is of a can of Narragansett beer, which is Rhode Island local.


Then there’s this bottle of Red Stripe.


And finally, a pint of Guinness. There are also a few more beer paintings at the Will Work For Food main web page.


Here’s a portion of Kenney’s biography:

I was tremendously fortunate to study under a stellar lineup of professors during my time at [the Rhode Island School of Design]. Among them: Tom Sgouros, Dean Richardson, Victor Lara, and David Macaulay. They, along with some amazing classmates, opened my eyes to a much larger world.

In the years since, I have worked as an illustrator, designer and art director, never leaving my love of the craft of drawing and painting behind.

You can also see more of Kenney’s work at his Studio Work and his blog. You can also see a few more pieces at the Charlestown Gallery.


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    I always love it when local content from my neck of the woods makes it up on the ‘Bulletin. I’ll certainly have to search out Shawn at local art festivals in the Providence area – thanks for posting about it.



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