Beer In Art #88: Jamie Patrick Paul’s Lovely Day For A Bike Ride

Today’s work of art is by contemporary artist Jamie Patrick Paul, who works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The title of his 5-color screenprint is Lovely Day for a Bike Ride, and features the iconic Grain Belt sign in the background.


I love the work’s sense of whimsy. Below is a detail of the Grain Belt sign.


And he also did a night time version, A Lovely Night for a Bike Ride, though it looks far more dangerous than during the day.


He also did an interesting piece using a lot of different beer elements, including beer itself for a poster entitled Drunk Lightning. Here’s how he described what went into it:

Drunk Lightning poster, a poster made nearly completely of beer. Gmund Bier paper made of recycled hops, Beer was poured in each ink color. Stella in the red, Guinness in the black, Pabst in the varnish.


You can see more of Paul’s work at his design portfolio and his website.


  1. Mick says

    I love beer. I love my bike. I make a point of not using the two at the same time. Just saying. Other than that, lovely pictures.

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