Beer In Political Advertising Spoof 2012

Regardless of your political leanings, I think the beer aspects of this are pretty funny. Thanks to Ed Chainey for sending me the link. I suspect Republicans won’t be as amused as Democrats, but it’s true that alcohol is not allowed under Mormonism, along with coffee, tobacco and other items. I don’t know about above-ground swimming pools or truck nuts, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Still, from a strictly beer-centric point of view, the choice is clear.


  1. beerman49 says

    Thanks, Ed for sending that one to Jay! What’s cool is that Obama’s delved into home brewing lately (using kits that he’s bought out-of pocket). That he’s been making “chick” honey-flavored brews (anathema to hopheads like me) is irrelevant – he deserves the vote of every homebrewer & beer geek in the US!

    What I’m wondering is if Romney is a “strict” Mormon (no alcohol or caffeine) or a “jack” (one who indulges in the “forbidden” liquids on the sly). :)

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