Beer Is Good For Your Lawn

According to lawn expert, Brad Fresenburg, beer can make your grass more green, thanks to the carbohydrates in it. Fresenburg is an extension and research associate at the University of Missouri at Columbia and he’s testing an internet lawn mix called “The Perfect Lawn Tonic” that uses five common household ingredients, one of which is beer. KSDK CBS Channel 5 in St. Louis, Missouri has asked Fresenburg to try out the tonic scientifically.

The five ingredients are beer, non-diet soda, mouthwash, household ammonia, and dish soap. “It’s really a home remedy that is simulating a lot of the bio-stimulants,” said Fresenburg. “There really isn’t anything in the ingredients that are going to be harmful to grasses.” Fresenburg believe the beer will benefit from carbohydrates in it to feed microbes that are in the soil.

When asked if the tonic will work, Fresenburg replied. “Yes and no, but it is going to do what they say it’s going to do as far as green color and maybe perhaps having a lawn look a little more green and lush,” said Fresenburg. “Especially at this time of year when grasses are struggling a little bit due to drought and perhaps turning a little bit brown … it will help with that effect.” At the end of the month, Fresenburg will be re-interviewed to gauge the results.

Here’s the tonic recipe:

The Perfect Lawn Tonic

1 beer (except light beer)
1 can of non-diet soda
1/2 cup mouthwash
1/2 cup household ammonia
1/2 cup dish soap (except anti-bacterial)

Mix all ingredients and pour into a 10-gallon hose end sprayer.

Spray on lawn after mowing — just enough to wet the grass.

Reapply every three weeks.


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