Brookston Beer Quiz #4

Here is quiz number four. This one is without images, because there were problems last time (see below). For this quiz, there is a beer slogan that is or was used for a particular beer or brewery. See how many you can get right. Good luck. Let me know how you did.

If you missed any previous quizzes, they can all be found on the beer quiz page.

NOTE: A number of people in the last quiz told me they couldn’t see the images. If you were one of those people, please send me the name of the browser you were using so I can try to see what’s going wrong. I tested it using Firefox and Safari and it worked fine. Perhaps it’s Microsoft Explorer or other browsers that is the problem?


  1. Ed Chainey says

    I batted 400, and should have gotten 2 or 3 more but incorrectly changed my 1st hunches, which makes one ponder, how good are these jingles if people don’t correctly match them with the correct beer 100% of the time?

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