Budweiser Beer Tumbler 1879

I came across this interesting patent design for a beer tumbler this morning for Budweiser that was patented on June 10, 1879 by C. Conrad. Liquor importer Carl Conrad is one of the more forgotten names from the history of Anheuser-Busch. He was at least partially responsible, along with his longtime friend Adolphus Busch, for the original recipe of Budweiser and in fact early bottles of Bud, prior to the 1920s were sold under the company name “C. Conrad and Co.” before A-B got the rights from Conrad. He apparently also designed this glass for the beer in 1879. I”m not sure if they were ever made, but they certainly look somewhat familiar. Anybody know?



  1. Gary Gillman says

    That glass looks very similar to what was known in the U.S. – it is now defunct I believe – as the schooner. That terms was used around the English-speaking world to describe a beer glass of varying sizes.


  2. Matt moss says

    I bought it at a thrift store it’s the real deal if I gold it under a black light you can see the green flow from the manganese they used in making the glass also bubbles and straw marks from the mold

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