Buffalo With Buffalo: Beer!

I confess I don’t “get” the humor in this 2006 cartoon. I imagine there’s an inside joke here that would be apparent if I was a regular reader of Buffalo with Buffalo, a comic strip written occasionally by a Buffalo, New York blogger. But it is all about beer, so I thought I’d share. If you think you understand the joke, please leave a comment with your best guess.



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    The October surprise was a blizzard that destroyed 200 year old trees and left like half the county without power. The last time the city saw a blizzard that devastating, the mayor at the time actually said to get a six pack and settle.

    That’s my best guess, and as a Buffalonian, I should hope I’m right.

    • says

      Straight from the horse’s … er Buffalo’s mouth, thanks very much for the clarification. I haven’t been near a blizzard since I moved west from the east coast 25+ years ago. That seems as good an excuse as any for a beer. Cheers, J

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