Lagunitas Beer Circus: Extra Action Marching Band

February 8, 2009


The final act to perform at the Lagunitas Beer Circus Sunday night was the Extra Action Marching Band, a high energy marching band that rocks hard. Lagunitas had them once before at an anniversary party a few years back, and they sure now how to get a crowd up and moving.

Here’s how they describe themselves at their website:

The Extra Action Marching Band is a collision of big band and ecstatic turmoil. Despite their name they rarely march, but rather shimmy, crawl, mob and charge. Trumpets pounce like eagles and tubas drip ass-bouncing blurps from fat fingers. Drums shudder under wild eyed and white knuckled drummers, and through it all winds the flag team; glittering and sinuous creatures who masterfully pulsate pom-poms in a hypnotic fantasy. The listener is hoodwinked, soaked, and savaged into giddy abandon.

Powerful and empowering, the Extra Action Marching Band seduces the pre-civilized will. They are immediate and visceral – more of a sweaty invitation than a show. They are a parody of idioms with shattering volume – guerrilla theater with the rug rolled up. Extra Action has performed in back alleys and at the Hollywood Bowl, they have played Black Sabbath in a synagogue for dancing octogenarians – but the preferred venue is a small locked room with the heat turned up.

As the sound boils into a spinning crossfire, sweat and flying hair tangle in a delicious knot. Audience and band submit together, to each other, to the whim and fancy, to satisfaction. Irresistible.

The crowd gathered under the big top in anticipation of the band’s entrance.

Then the drums began as they made their way to the center of the tent.

The powerful beat of the drums set the tone.

Then came the horns, playing ablaze.

The sounds of brass and percussion filled the air.

With flag girls and boys performing routines to the beat.

Who then got on stage with pom-poms. Below in the video you can see them perform and hear the band.

After a passionate performance, they finally marched out again, signaling the end of the beer circus. It was such a good time that even a crown became sad.


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