Damaged Lagunitas Equipment In Petaluma

When last we looked, the damaged Lagunitas brewing equipment was at the dock, at the Port of Stockton. Earlier today I stopped by the Lagunitas Brewery to pick up some samples for a tasting tomorrow for the Celebrator Beer News and, not surprisingly, the broken lauter tun was around the back of the brewery. Having traveled so far — the equipment, not me — I wanted to see it close up and snapped some photos, too.

At the Lagunitas Brewery.

The damaged brewhouse in Petaluma.

Some of the damage, up close and personal.

Close-up mayhem.


  1. says

    A sculpture thingy is exactly why I brought it to the brewery! For the record; I could’a left it with the insurance co at the dock and they would’a auctioned it off to a scrap yard that would’a sold it to the Chinese who would’a ground it up and sold it back to Americans as lawn furnitre…and that seemed somehow wrong. I had to buy it back as scrap ($25k!) and then truck it to the brewery (w/ a full CHiP escort at $28k!!)… I figgered that this was prolly the only time in human history that a GR-built lauter tun was beaten to death by a Polish-built crane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a hurricane… But then maybe I’m an idiot… I dunno…

  2. beerman49 says

    So are we gonna see “Bermuda Triangle” Brew to celebrate the arrival of the replacement (or even sooner, once the wreckage gets turned into “junk sculpture”)? :)

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