Geuze Op ‘t Kasteel

Thanks to Pete Slosberg for sending me the link to this interesting video entitled Geuze op ‘t Kasteel. It’s by a Belgian production company, Hungry TV, and happily includes English subtitles. The YouTube description, however appears to be in Dutch, and here’s what Google Translate does with it:

The castle in Neufcour Eizeringen, which dates from the 18th century, originally served as a residential and later as a permanent residence for several noble families. End of 2010 was, however, as the backdrop for an extraordinary event. Geuze enthusiasts from all over the world came to Eizeringen to find out everything about the secret of the beer. Geuze is a skill.

Only a handful of people are familiar with this craft. Brew Engineer William Herreweghen is one of them. William revealed the secrets of spontaneous fermentation. He explained in great detail how different lambic beers with a good old geuze can be made.

It’s under ten minutes long, and also features a short interview with Chris Lively from Ebenezer’s Pub in Maine.


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