Hangover Science

If you’re interested in hangovers, or in avoiding them, believe it or not there’s a scientific organization devoted to them. The Alcohol Hangover Research Group, describes themselves as “an international expert group composed of active researchers in the field of alcohol hangover. The “goal of the AHR-Group is to elucidate the pathology, treatment and prevention of the alcohol hangover.”

The Atlantic recently had an interesting article, Hangovers, Why, all about a recent conference held in Seattle devoted to the science of hangovers, “a bit of a neglected field.” The article includes an interview with Richard Stephens, a member of the AHR-Group, and a professor of psychology at the UK’s Keele University, in which he reveals “some of the most surprising things scientists have learned recently about” hangovers.



  1. Beerman49 says

    Interesting that lack of sleep never got mentioned as one of the causes; also wonder if that group’s also looking at the preventative side of hangovers (as in a couple hits of weed/glass of grapefruit juice/popping a couple aspirin before sacking out – assuming you didn’t pass out 1st).

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