Beer Birthday: Fal Allen

Today might be the birthday of Fal Allen. I say might, because he keeps telling me that he’s not exactly sure when his birthday is — apparently the result of having hippie parents — and he had kept changing it on his Facebook page, though now he’s removed it entirely. Fal returned to his goats and to Anderson Valley Brewing a few years ago, having lived in Singapore for four years, where he built and ran a craft brewery for Archipelago Brewery, a division of Asia Pacific Breweries. He blogged about his exploits there on his Brewing in Singapore blog, but since returning stateside, he’s been blogging at The Goat Rodeo, and we’re certainly happy to have him back stateside. Join me today, tomorrow or perhaps the next day in wishing the ageless Fal a very happy birthday.

Fal and me in Chico a couple of years ago.

At the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Also at OBF, with Daniel Bradford of All About Beer Magazine and Dave Buehler from Elysian Brewing in Seattle.

With a bevy of brewers touring Stone Brewing during CBC in 2008, that’s Fal at the far right.

While still GM at Anderson Valley, launching Brother David at the Toronado in San Francisco. Clockwise from left: Fal, Mark Cabrera, David Gatlin, me and Dave Keene, the beer’s namesake and Toronado owner.

Fal during a recent hop harvest. No wonder that batch of Anderson Valley tasted so “fal-ish.”


  1. says

    Happy Birthday Fal! It was great meeting you this year at AVBC and then seeing you again at the Beveridge Place and Elysian Pumpkinfest. We’re hoping to make it to the Boonville Beerfest this May, so maybe we’ll see you again this year. Cheers!

  2. Kim and Harry says

    Happy Bday Fal!!!

    Sorry to miss you when we were up that way over Thanksgiving. You sure have turned the beers around, hope the rumor heard about Brother David being discontinued isn’t true!!! We’ll probably see you during SF Beer Week!

    Have some great beers today!!

  3. says

    Happy Bday again Fal!!!! We stopped there on the way to and from Ft. Bragg/Mendocino over the holidays. Loved the beers, esp. the Saison, Barrel Aged Stout and the Sour Stout. Maybe we’ll see you in March at the Ft. Bragg beer fest or SF Beer Week. Hope you have a great day and year!!

  4. says

    Happy bday Fal! We stopped at AVBC on our way to and from Ft. Bragg the last few days. Loved that Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout!!!! Great beer! Bought a bottle too. Missed the sour stout being out but catch it next time I hope! Have a wonderbeer bday!!!!

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