High Alcohol, Low Calories: Bud Light Platinum

This is a bit of a head scratcher. Though it’s been rumored for a while now, apparently it is coming, as AdAge is reporting that the TTB has given label approval for Bud Light Platinum. Though thought to be somewhere between 6% and 8% a.b.v., AdAge indicated the new low-calorie beer will weigh in at 6% and have 137 calories. Regular Bud Light is 4.2% a.b.v. and has 110 calories. And as regular Budweiser is 5% and 145 calories, it’s hard to see the point. Apparently, the idea is “to tap into the rising popularity of craft beers, which tend to be fuller bodied with more alcohol.” Sure, just throw in some alcohol, that should fool people. Apparently they’re missing the point that craft beer drinkers want flavor, not just higher octane. But given how successful the big brewers have been at convincing people to drink low-calorie light beers, I have little doubt this couldn’t work, too, however illogical I find the very notion of light beer.

ABI has also apparently registered the domain name budlightplatinum.com, but it’s not yet an active website. There’s not even a placeholder there so it may be some time before we see the actual beer. ABI has also not yet made an official announcement or sent out a press release.



  1. says

    this is a classic lesson from the “people are stupid” department. given that Bud Light commands a majority of company sales it makes perfect sense that you’d want to try to convert the drinker who is already loyal to the same brand name rather than try to convert them to another where they are more likely to leave without returning. it’s the same thinking behind why Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Golden Wheat existed as a products under the BL label.

    another take on this is that AB doesn’t want to see the numbers of Bud Light become less. buy stealthing the new product under the Bud Light label no market share is lost as Bud Light drinkers convert to Bud Light Platinum drinkers. after all Bud Light is Bud Light.

    clearly this product is chasing a trend we’ve seen in the brew pub. the airquotes customer has learned that the best bang for their buck is the number in front of the ABV. they don’t really care about the beer, the style or it’s flavor profile. they are only getting it because it’s the biggest number up there on the beer board.

  2. Brad says

    The ingenious part is that since low calorie beers are brewed to a higher alcohol content then watered down later, this is probably exactly the same base beer as the regular Bud Light. They just don’t have to dilute it as much.

  3. says

    Let’s face it: The American consumer is dumb and doesn’t put any real thought into what they buy on a whole. I mean just look at commercials/ads. They don’t even remotely try anymore to put out qualitative information about their products/services. Yeah, I like to be entertained when forced through commercials, but I also need real, qualitative info too if you want me to pay attention. We are sheep and they are the shepherds. My recent time in the South has very much reminded me of this.

  4. Dave says

    Been a beer drinker for forty years now, tried light beers many times, and just couldn’t drink them due to their watered-down taste and their low alcohol content (I don’t know about anyone else, but a big part of why I drink beer for the buzzzzzzz, and anyone who claims they don’t is FOS). This Bud Light Platinum is actually a drinkable light beer that I will probably stick with. Sure, the calories are higher than other light beers, but it has less than half of the carbs of regular Bud without losing much taste. And the higher alcohol content means a better buzz per beer ratio, therefore you need to drink less of it. Sure, it doesn’t measure up to the premium craft brews, but it is the first light beer I’ve encountered that is actually drinkable.

  5. Billy S. says

    I am enjoying a Bud Light Platinum right now. It is easier to drink than regular Bud or Bud Light, and the 6% alcohol keeps me from drinking more than 3. I just weaned myself off Foster’s Premium Ale (5.5% but big calories and big carbs). I tried the new Budweiser Black Crown last week. Apparently it was 6% alcohol too, but if affected me much harder than Platinum. Might be a little more as far as I’m concerned. Love the taste of the Black Crown, but it has what I call “devil juice” in it. Gave me a weird buzz. Molson Ice (5.6%) used to do the same thing. I can’t believe I am drinking ANY product with Budweiser in the name, because I abhor Bud and Bud Light…but the times they are a’ changin’ I guess. Cheers!

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