1. Funston says

    Wait, do people normally sterilize the strike water by boiling it before mashing in? I imagine that’s kind of unnecessary (since you’ll be boiling anyway).

    • beerman49 says

      Funston, where do you live? I (homebrewer for 30+ yrs) agree w/you. I live in CA, & know that Orange Co was late on the scene for homebrewing – also, I doubt that anyone over 40 had a hand in that infographic. LOL for both of us.

  2. Gary Gillman says

    In 1903, E.B. Collier, a long time brewer in London, England, wrote an article on how to brew pale ale for export (IPA by another name). He advised to boil the liquor hard for one hour and cool before mashing in. (The full text is available to the public at When I read it, I wondered the same thing, why? There must have been a reason, perhaps to precipitate certain unwanted deposits?

    This infographic has the advantage of clarity and brevity. I couldn’t tell the year it came out, any info on that?


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