1. Diana Freile says

    You confused the concepts between Lager and Ale. Ale is more expensive, and presents the bottom fermentation. It is made mostly by small brewers, and because of it’s yeast that needs higher temperature for fermentation is more difficult to control.

    Ale’s raw materiales are much more expensive than the ones used by the popular and commercial Lagers.

    • says


      First, as should be clear, I didn’t make the infographic, just featured it on my website.

      But ales are not more expensive than lagers and they don’t “presents the bottom fermentation,” if by that you mean use bottom fermenting yeasts. I think you may be the one confused. Ales use top-fermenting, or more correctly top-cropping, yeast. Ales take less time to produce finished beer, and don’t require as much refrigeration or aging, which is why they’re often cheaper to make and that’s also why most small breweries started brewing ales.

      Almost all craft brewery’s ingredients are more expensive than the larger international breweries, not just ale breweries. That’s primarily because they don’t use adjuncts, but also because with smaller batches they can afford to choose specific ingredients, not commodified barley or hops.

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