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Today in 1960, Mali gained their Independence from France.


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Guild: None Known

National Regulatory Agency: None

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Not Known

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC 0.08%


  • Full Name: Republic of Mali
  • Location: Interior Western Africa, southwest of Algeria, north of Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso, west of Niger
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Language: French (official), Bambara 80%, numerous African languages
  • Religion(s): Muslim 90%, Christian 1%, indigenous beliefs 9%
  • Capital: Bamako
  • Population: 15,494,466; 66th
  • Area: 1,240,192 sq km, 24th
  • Comparative Area: Slightly less than twice the size of Texas
  • National Food: nsaamè or riz au gras
  • National Symbols: Vulture; the Mosque of Djenné
  • Affiliations: UN, African Union
  • Independence: From France, September 22, 1960 / f.k.a. French Sudan and the Sudanese Republic


  • Alcohol Legal: Yes
  • Minimum Drinking Age: None
  • BAC: 0.08%
  • Number of Breweries: 2


  • How to Say “Beer”: bière
  • How to Order a Beer: Une bière, s’il vous plait
  • How to Say “Cheers”: Santé
  • Toasting Etiquette: N/A


Alcohol Consumption By Type:

  • Beer: 13%
  • Wine: <1%
  • Spirits: 2%
  • Other: 85%

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):

  • Recorded: 0.54
  • Unrecorded: 0.50
  • Total: 1.04
  • Beer: 0.07

WHO Alcohol Data:

  • Per Capita Consumption: 0.5 litres
  • Alcohol Consumption Trend: Stable
  • Excise Taxes: Yes
  • Minimum Age: None
  • Sales Restrictions: No
  • Advertising Restrictions: No
  • Sponsorship/Promotional Restrictions: No

Patterns of Drinking Score: 2

Prohibition: None



  1. says

    A question & an observation. What the hell is the ‘other’ category composed of? (@ 85% of total per capita, no less?)

    Why is anyone bothering to brew in a sub-Saharan Africa country w/ .5 liters per capita consumption. LITERALLY 01 pint per person!

    So NOT Czech Republic… Na zdravi!

  2. says

    ps i just ran the #’s on the population and taking out the 90% non drinking Muslims, you’re left w/ just 1.5M pop & even w/ no minimum drinking age you’re STILL only consuming a pint percapita or 750K liters or about 6K Bbls year, no split between TWO breweries?!

    Go figure. Gotta be a ‘love of craft’ thing, for sure. It certainly can’t be a ‘profit’ deal (even a Steve Martin in The Jerk carny kinda profit).

  3. beerman49 says

    So I suppose those stats are based on tourist consumption; but just as there are “jack” Mormons who drink on the sly, there must be a Muslim equivalent (especially among the more wealthy males).

    • says

      Doubtful. I had a friend who was in the Peace Corps in Mali, and there’s not to much tourism there. There’s very little to see or do in Mali, so I’m pretty sure the World Health Organization numbers are for the locals.

  4. says

    Ken, Jay:

    I lived in Mali from 1989-1991 (Peace Corps), and the market for bottled beer included foreigners, local Catholics, local bad Muslims, and a few Animists who somehow were never converted when most of the country converted to Islam a couple hundred years ago.

    Even in the almost completely Muslim region around Segou where I was, there remained a few Animist villages, and a few small-time brewers who would fill your plastic jug with their slightly tart millet beer for about 20% of the price of the factory bottled beer. The millet beer was not only cheaper, but also better. I wonder if that is the 85% “other” in the statistic.

    • says

      Wow, I have a friend who was also in Mali with the Peace Corps. I’m trying to remember when that would have been, but it may have been a couple of years later, possibly the early 1990s. Her name was Sally Lamas, just in case.

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