Master Cicerone Chosen For SF Zagat 30 Under 30

At last week’s Three Ring Circus beer dinner, Nicole Erny teased that she had big news coming this week, but told us she was sworn to secrecy. Well today she could finally reveal her news. Erny, who recently became the first female Master Cicerone — and only the fourth overall — has been selected by Zagat as one of their 30 Under 30: San Francisco’s Hottest Up-and-Comers. As for “why she made the list,” Zagat had this to say:

Sitting at the rusty old table with her grandfather as a child tasting different kinds of pears and plums from his orchard is what this up-and-comer credits for developing the neural pathways between the tongue and brain that are so integral in deciphering the nuances of beverages. In addition to being the exam manager for beer sommelier program Cicerone, she’s also its first female Master and is a leading figure on the San Francisco brewscape, especially during annual Beer Week. Blogging and tweeting under the handle @beer_muse, her mission is to raise the bar on how restaurants treat beer as part of their beverage program, with the help, of course, of gals like her.

Join me in congratulating Nicole on this latest honor. Things are really starting to happen for her, and it’s great seeing more and more people turning their passions into careers. Way to go, Nicole!

Nicole and me at Sean Paxton’s Three Ring Circus beer dinner last Wednesday. (photo by Mike Condie.)


  1. beerman49 says

    After I viewed all the Zagat pix & read all the blurbs, 2 thoughts immediately came to mind:

    1. Only 4 females out of 30? It’s 2012, fergawdsake! (possible apologies to the late great Herb Caen on my spelling the long word)
    2. Nicole’s definitely the HOTTEST, however you look at it. She’s definitely one of a kin when it comes to beer!!

    GO NICOLE! May we cross paths many more times @ future beer events!

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