Odonata’s Youngest Employee

Talk about a father’s day gift. I just got an e-mail from my friend Peter Hoey, who’s the co-founder and brewmaster of Odonata Brewing in Sacramento. His wife Britany gave birth last night to their second child, and first son, Liam. But I can’t help but beam with pride after reading his middle name. Now that’s a beautiful name — good choice. Peter tells me they’re “now home resting and getting to know him.” Please join me in congratulating Peter and Britany Hoey as they welcome the newest addition to the Odonata Brewing family.


Original Gravity: 9 pounds, 0 ounces
IBUs: 21 in.
Style: Boy
Release Date: June 19, 2010
Label: Liam Porter Hoey

Liam Hoey
Peter, Britany and Liam Hoey.


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