One Drink Too Many

Today’s infographic is entitled One Drink Too Many, and is subtitled “Is it the result of Nature or Nurture?” It was created by Clarity Way, which calls itself the “Premier Holistic Addiction Rehab & Drug Treatment Center.” And while there’s some great info there, there’s also some odd bits, too. For example, the odds of becoming an alcoholic if your family has a history of it or doesn’t is 50%, essentially meaning it makes no difference. The top three reasons people say they drink — to socialize, relax or just enjoy the drink — represents 88% of all reasons, meaning the vast majority of people don’t drink for the wrong reasons. Fully 68% become “happy” after three drinks, while only 1% get “angry” and just 2% are “annoying,” hardly cause for alarm. These, and many of the others, don’t seem to really indicate that alcohol abuse is the widespread problem that most neo-prohibitionists continue to insist.

Click here to see the infographic full size.


  1. Lee says

    A grain of salt – look at their sources. 2 are the NY Times and Esquire… so we’re relying on journalistic integrity? Reporters frequently get their facts wrong & in the case of our local newspaper, sometimes just make them up. I won’t even go into the ‘integrity’ of the 4th listed source, based on the URL suffix. Because they would never lie to the public, right? Please.

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