Patent No. 20110195150A1: Composition Of “Radoy” Beer And Its Production Method

Today in 2011, US Patent 20110195150 A1 was issued, an invention of Yevhen Yukhnytsya, for his “Composition of ‘Radoy’ Beer and its Production Method.” Here’s the Abstract:

A beer composition includes water, ground malt, yeast of bottom fermentation, hop extract and milk thistle solution in the following proportion: 100 l water; 10-50 kg ground malt; 1.0-3.0 l yeast of bottom fermentation; 10-30 g of alpha acid of hops extract; 5-30 g milk thistle solution for 1 l of wort. A production method includes mash preparation, mash saccharification, wort separation from the spent grains, wort boiling, fermentation, and after-fermentation. At the beginning of wort boiling the milk thistle is added, whose fruits were ground in a grinder with a roller distance of 0-2.5 mm, the grinding is mixed with water, heated to 70-150° C., and boiled for 45-90 minutes, whereupon milk thistle fruit concentration makes from 1 to 99% of wort volume. The beer composition enables not only a positive effect on a human body, especially on a liver and kidneys, but also having curative properties.



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