Prohibition Did What?!

Today’s infographic, since today is the day in 1933 when the 21st Amendment passed, repealing Prohibition, is one I’ve posted before, entitled Prohibition Did What?! It goes in to many of the effects that Prohibition had on the country, none of them particularly positive.

Click here to see the infographic full size.


  1. Gary Gillman says

    I believe the incidence of drinking-related cirrhosis declined as chronicled by hospital records. This study concluded that a 10-20% reduction occurred in the wake of the Volstead Act – not bad for a public health measure.

    It would be interesting to look at stats as well for drunkenness-related jailings and assaults. I do realize that organised crime created a violence of its own but what was the net benefit/detriment of Volstead in this regard?

    It would be fatuous to conclude that Prohibition had no positive effects, nor I am not saying (Jay) you meant to assert that, but am just making the point. IMO, the rational defense of reasonable enjoyment of alcohol can’t always rely on the idea of Prohibition doing more harm than good; arguments based on personal liberty and individual choice militate powerfully in the calculus, come what may for the other variables.


  2. Gary Gillman says

    Sorry, a touch of twisted language there. I meant to say, I didn’t understand you (Jay) to assert that Prohibition had no positive effects.


  3. beerman49 says

    Bottom line is that the good was far outweighed by the bad (as in creating the Mafia); ditto for the outrageous $$ spent on busting marijuana farmers & medical marijuna dispensaries/distributors. Much better & less burden on taxpayers for “sin” (including prostitution) to be legal, & thus subject to regulation & (ultimately) user taxation than the idiocy we have now w/hookers & cannabis.

    For God’s sake, the late (& ultra-conservative, but w/no religious bent like the Tea Party morons) William F Buckley advocated legalizing both marijuana & cocaine in the ealy Reagan yrs (on the old PBS “Firing Line” show).

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