Red, White And Food

Today’s bonus infographic is also from Thrillist, and is entitled Red, White and Food. Like the earlier beer map, this one shows the most iconic fast food restaurant associated with each state, with this stated goal. “This is an attempt to maximize the most noteworthy restaurant chain (with an emphasis on fast food where possible) associated with each state. Could mean it was founded there. Could mean it’s headquartered there. Could mean both.”

Click here to see the map full size.


  1. beerman49 says

    McD’s in IL? It belongs in CA, where it originated! Please, somebody in IL tell us what really belongs there! In & Out is a late 20th Century phenomenon that never got to the Bay Area until then – it was an LA-area chain before that. McD’s has been around since the mid-50’s – it reached Fresno (where I grew up) in 1958, & was all over the DC area in the early 1960’s (my family moved there in late 1962). The only one that I know is correct for sure is Star (change the B to an F)ucks in WA.

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