• The Professor says

      Point is, the quality of the beer that can be made at home on an under $200 system can be just as good as (and with a little knowhow, even better than) beer made on an expensive, tricked out system. It’s not the equipment used that matters as much as a clear understanding of the processes involved (most of which are the natural processes that Mother Nature provides).
      The difficulty of making good or even great beer is vastly overstated.

  1. says

    Good luck. There isn’t a homebrewer I’ve met that just buys basic equipment and stops there. There is ALWAYS something more they need to buy. Even 15 years into the hobby they’re still buying stuff all the time. People also don’t factor time into these things. I don’t know about you but in what I get paid per hour, I can buy cases of beer in the time it takes to brew a single batch of beer at home.

    Sorry but I can buy a 12-pack of beer at the store for far less than it costs to get into homebrewing. Homebrewing is a great hobby but don’t try to say it’s cheaper than commercial beer.

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