Shelf Placement Strategies

Today’s infographic is titled “Marketing & Advertising,” but it’s really all about shelf placement and the fight for prime real estate on store shelves. It was also created for a Powerpoint presentation on the Beer Industry by Christian Adeler and Jon Bjornstad in 2011. In my experience, craft brewers do pay attention to this, especially the regional brewers, but the big boys have honed it down to a fine science, and use computer software to maximize their efforts.



  1. Tom says

    The big boys do have the R&D budgets to make shelf placement a science along with the juice necessary to make it happen. However, at the end of the fiscal year I have to wonder how is it working for them?

  2. Peter Elzer says

    I always get a kick out of stores who allow big Distributors to come in and do the reset.
    Funny how they always put there products front and center and put the better beers out of sight.


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