Sierra Nevada To Open Taproom In Berkeley

Wow, this is big news. Grub Street has the exclusive news that Sierra Nevada Brewing is planning on opening a taproom on Fourth Street in Berkeley, and will be located at 2031 4th Street, by University Avenue. Someone from the brewery told them that “it will be a full-time tasting room with food, though there won’t be a full brewpub or restaurant.”


I learned the following details from Sierra Nevada. They will operate the space, which they describe as “a small unit alongside other streetside venues.” They’re looking to open later this year, assuming all permitting, licensing, construction, etc. goes smoothly (do they ever?). They anticipate serving light snacks like pretzels, so it appears the focus of the place will be more on “enjoying and learning about the beer.”



  1. John S. Watson says

    Looks like it’s going to be about 2 miles from BART.
    I was hoping they’d put it someplace closer,
    more little more within walking/staggering distance.
    I supposed there is frequent bus service down University Ave.,
    but that adds one more level of expense and difficulty in getting
    to and from there.

    • robertjm says

      The AC Transit 51B will drop you off right there. You can catch it from downtown Berkeley BART.

      If you plan things right, it’s $1.75 from BART to the tap room, and then as long as you head back within 2 hours of getting on the first bus, it’ll only be 25 cents return trip (just remember to get your transfer if not using a Clipper Card!!).

  2. says

    John, look at it coming from North Berkeley BART. That’s 1.3 miles –not under a mile, but not ridiculous, either. Plus, on your way back you can look to see what nice bottles might be in at Ledger’s on University. That’s where you’d turn left on the way back to BART.

  3. Beerman49 says

    A welcome addition to the Bay Area – now we Bay Area beer geeks can save the long drive to Chico to sample their limited-releases & 1-offs (I hope; I’ll be there the 1st Tue/Thu they’re open if I’m not out of town).

    I like Gail’s “hoofing it” from North Berkeley suggestion – there are quite a few Indian & other Asian food restaurants on University in that area that are cheaper than the places on 4th St, which is “Gourmet Ghetto West”. If you’re not into those cuisines, Brennan’s Hofbrau is a good spot for a sandwich & chaser – it’s a block away, on the south side of University.

    Robert’s suggestion is the one I’d use if doing the minimal walk public transit gig; there’s lots of cheap food available in downtown Berkeley – burger & beer @ Triple Rock or a pizza & beer @ Jupiter or Bobby G’s (on University, just west of Shattuck) would be a good way to coat the stomach before heading over. & it’s easy enough to check AC Transit schedules online beforehand if you don’t own a smartphone.

    I’m retired, so I can go there mid-afternoon during the week; the previous suggestions are both excellent for the weekenders.

    Note to John (whom I know, if he’s the long-time beer judge): There’s no reasonably-priced space in downtown Berkeley for SN to do what they’re doing; their location is easy access from I-80 & has much better parking than in downtown Berkeley.


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