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Today in 1990, South Ossetia declared their Independence from Georgia, though it remains unrecognized by most nations.

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Guild: None Known

National Regulatory Agency: None

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Not Known

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC 0.08%

Beer in Ossetian Mythology: Uacilla (Уацилла; “Saint Elijah”). Also spelled Wasilla. God of rain, thunder and lightning. As protector of the harvest he is known as Хоры Уацилла (Hory Uacilla, “Uacilla of the wheat”). Anyone struck by lightning was considered chosen by the god and, if they survived, a sheep was sacrificed in their honor. His festival was celebrated in the summer with the sacrifice of a lamb and a bull and the drinking of specially brewed beer. On that day women baked bread in silence as a mark of reverence.


  • Full Name: Republic of South Ossetia
  • Location: Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia
  • Government Type: Semi-presidential Republic
  • Language: Ossetic, Georgian, Russian
  • Religion(s): Russian Orthodox, Georgian Apostolic, Muslim, and traditional Pagan religions, especially Etseg Din
  • Capital: Tskhinvali
  • Population: 72,000
  • Area: 3,900 sq km
  • National Foods: fyjjyn (a cake with meat), wælîbækh (a cake with cheese)
  • National Symbol: Golden Snow Leopard
  • Affiliations: None
  • Independence: From Georgia, declared September 20, 1990 / declared again November 28, 1991 / recognized by a few countries, August 26, 2008


  • Alcohol Legal: Yes
  • Minimum Drinking Age: 16
  • BAC: 0.08%
  • Number of Breweries: 1


  • How to Say “Beer”: bæegæny
  • How to Order a Beer: N/A
  • How to Say “Cheers”: N/A
  • Toasting Etiquette: N/A


Alcohol Consumption By Type:

  • Beer: 85%
  • Wine: <1%
  • Spirits: 10%
  • Other: 5%

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):

  • Recorded: N/A
  • Unrecorded: N/A
  • Total: N/A
  • Beer: N/A

WHO Alcohol Data:

  • Per Capita Consumption: N/A
  • Alcohol Consumption Trend: Stable
  • Excise Taxes: Yes
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Sales Restrictions: N/A
  • Advertising Restrictions: N/A
  • Sponsorship/Promotional Restrictions: N/A

Patterns of Drinking Score: N/A

Prohibition: None


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