Beer In Ads #1693: Famous Signals Of The Royal Canadian Navy

Tuesday’s ad is for John Labatt Limited, from 1943. Apparently part of a wartime series, as this first one is marked “Famous Signals of the Royal Canadian Navy, No. 1.” Labatt directed a lot of its advertising during World War II toward extolling the virtues of the Canadian army and navy, and in this one they even promote “the Overseas League Tobacco Fund” to ensure soldiers won’t run out of cigarettes.


Beer In Ads #1692: The Way To A Man’s Heart!

Monday’s ad is for Blatz, from 1939. A woman is delivering a tray of Blatz beer, and boy does he look happy. It’s another one of those magic beer bottles. Less than half the bottle has been emptied, but she’s filled the pilsner glasses. So either they’re six-ounce glasses or ginormous bottles. Maybe magic tricks are the way to a man’s heart.


Beer In Ads #1690: From Chesapeake Bay …

Saturday’s ad is for National Bohemian Light Beer, from 1959. The syntax in the ad copy just seems odd. “From Chesapeake Bay … land of pleasant living we bring you this quality beer.” Seems like a “ta-da” moment with no payoff, just a picture of a boat, an illustrated beer bottle, and the silhouette of a beer glass containing the ad copy.


Beer In Ads #1688: Hem And Haw On Flavor

Thursday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1963. This is from the “Real Gusto” series that Schlitz ran for a few years in the 1960s. This one featured, unusually, a ginger man, but it was this sentence in the ad copy that really caught my eye. “It’s brewed light (with just the kiss of the hops) yet it doesn’t hem and haw on flavor.” That’s an awesome turn of phrase. Next time I find a weak beer, it will definitely “hem and haw on flavor.”


Beer In Ads #1687: The New Washing Machine

Wednesday’s ad is for Ballantine Ale, from 1943. “How American it is … to want something better!” Look how happy the woman is that her smug man got her a machine so she can keep washing his clothes. Apparently during World War 2, many people put off spending money on new luxuries and even Ballantine was looking forward with great anticipation to the day when people could go crazy with their spending … like today.


Beer In Ads #1686: Burning The Mortgage

Tuesday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from the 1940s. “A toast to you — with The Champagne of Bottled Beer.” The assembled group drinking beer is celebrating the tradition known as “Burning the Mortgage.” I have heard of these, but I don’t think this is something many people do anymore. Probably because we don’t stay in one house for very long. Nice they got their servent to dress up as the Miller Girl to serve the beer.


Beer In Ads #1685: Deep Sea Beer Diving

Monday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1950. This is from Schlitz’s long-running three-panel “I was curious” series. In this one, a deep sea diver is coaxed out of the water by dangling cans of Schlitz in his face. Once on dry land, he had a beer and a sandwich. I’m not sure if it was the sammy or the beer, but it put a smile on his face. I’m going with the beer.