Beer In Ads #2001: Downing A Bottle Of Carlsberg

Saturday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1952. The ad shows a stylized man downing a bottle of Carlsberg. His right arm holding the bottle is crooked into the shape of a Carlsberg “C” and his head, too, seems bent into a “C.” It was done by a Danish poster artist, Henn Nielsen, and it definitely has a fifties look to it. I love how the man is staring out with one eye at the viewer, and seems to be smirking at us.


Beer In Ads #2000: Carlsberg At The Eiffel Tower

Friday’s ad is for New Carlsberg Beers, or “Ny Carlsberg ølsorter,” from 1889, I guess. It’s hard to believe this is the 2000th beer ad I’ve posted, which means it’s been nearly five-and-a-half years since I started posting them, and that doesn’t even count the Guinness ads I posted separately for a time, plus all of the random unnumbered ones, too. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ads I’ve seen, showing a detailed view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, presumably in 1889. There was a World’s Fair, or Exposition Universelle, in Paris that year, and the Eiffel Tower was built specifically for the expo. The poster also says “Grand Prix,” but at least according to Wikipedia, Heineken won the grand prize (and their source was a Heineken webpage that’s no longer up) so who knows. But the poster makes it seem like it was an amazing event.


Beer In Ads #1999: The Four Carlsberg Seasons

Thursday’s ad is for Carlsberg Pilsner, though I’m not sure of the exact date. It could be as old as the 1890s, but it could also be a little later, possibly into the 1930s. Although the label, though hard to see, looks like it could be more modern so it could even be a more recent ad designed to look like it came from an older time. Either way, it’s a beautiful ad, and is reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha. Showing the four seasons of beer drinking, the tagline translates to “drink year round.” The four words below each season translate, via Google translate, to “easy, mild, tasty, and durable,” but I’m willing to bet that’s not exactly right. The artist’s name is in the lower left corner, but it’s written in a stylized lettering, and is hard to make out, something like Carten Raunt. But it’s a beautiful ad.


Beer In Ads #1996: Carlsberg Bottleheads

Monday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from the 1940s, sometime during World War 2. In this Danish ad, apparently they abandoned their old label because it contained associations to the Nazis with the religious form of a swastika, and instead advertised a more modern (for the time) look. But I do love the bottleheads and the personifications of each type of beer.


Beer In Ads #1995: Two Out Of Three Carlsbergs

Sunday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1972. In this U.S. ad, three of the beers Carlsberg imported at the time include Gold Label, Special Dark Lager and Elephant Malt Liquor. The tagline, “Two out of three Carlsbergs are great beers,” followed by (in smaller print), “the other is a great something else altogether.” I’m not sure I quite understand that, but why not. Also, for three bucks, you could send in and get six of the glasses in the ad.


Beer In Ads #1994: Carlsberg Pilsner

Saturday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from, I think, the late 1800s, maybe the 1890s. It’s another very cool illustration of an outdoor cafe or beer garden, with everyone dressed to the nines in what, at least to my eyes, looks like Victorian outfits. There are initials in the bottom right — W.G. — but that’s about all I know.