Beer In Ads #1556: Lady In Green

Friday’s ad is for Sapporo, probably from the early part of the 20th century. It shows a female bartender in a green dress with a red belt serving a bottle of Sapporo. I can’t read Japanese Kanji so I don’t know what it says, but it’s a cool ad and you can see why they obviously made a poster out of it.


Beer In Ads #1554: Mr. & Mrs. Beer Glass

Wednesday’s ad is a German beer poster by famed Swiss illustrator Herbert Leupin. This is maybe the seventh or eighth work by him that I’ve featured over the years. The text on the poster, “gibt kraft und nervenruhe,” is translated by Google as “gives strength and nerve rest.” I’m sure there’s a more idiomatic and elegant translation, but you get the idea. It may be a companion poster to Beer In Ads #1158: Spendet Freude Und Harmonie, which translates as “gives pleasure and harmony.” In that one, the male glass is smiling, whereas in today’s ad it’s more of a frown. I wonder if that’s a reflection of the beer in the glass?


Beer In Ads #1552: Enjoy Life With Miller High Life

Monday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1963. The ad is fairly simple, just a glass of beer and a half-emptied bottle of High Life next to it, with a plate of food behind it, and slightly out of focus. Is that lobster? It feels like the ad may have been cut off, like there should be more below the headline, but maybe not, it was done in the minimalist 1960s.


Beer In Ads #1550: All This, Just To Drink A Guinness In Peace?

Saturday’s ad is another one for Guinness, this one from 1986. The ad shows the United Nations building in New York, with the odd tagline “All This, Just To Drink A Guinness In Peace?” Apparently that’s because the Delegates’s Dining Room on the top floor serves Guinness, though I still don’t think it makes a great deal of sense.