Beer In Ads #1733: Heineken’s Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij

Wednesday’s ad is for Heineken’s Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij, which was established in 1873. A few years before, 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the Haystack Brewery, later changing its name to HBM, which essentially means Heineken’s brewery or beer company. I suspect this ad is from the late 1800s, as it resembles ones from that time period.


Beer In Ads #1732: Home Of Gold Medal Beer

Tuesday’s ad is for Stegmaier Brewing Co., from between 1933-1945. The “Home of Gold Medal Beer” was Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I love these grand illustrations of breweries, testaments to industrialization, this one was a postcard. I’m not sure why there’s a passenger train chugging by, maybe that’s how the brewery executives commute to and from work?


Beer In Ads #1730: Gulpen Bier

Sunday’s ad is for Gulpen Bier, a pilsner, another one from maybe the 1950s or 60s. I believe it’s a Dutch beer, and the tagline appears to translate to “rich in taste, rich in tradition.” I like that their choice of pairing is nuts and salami, not that it wouldn’t taste good, but surely they could have come up with something better.


Beer In Ads #1736: Munich Lager Beer Brewery

Wednesday’s ad is for the Suffolk Brewing Co., from sometime after 1875. You could be forgiven for thinking this was a German brewery, given the Munich Lager Beer Brewery banner headline, but in fact it was in Boston, Massachusetts, located at 423-443 Eighth Street. Another curiosity, especially given their calling themselves a “Munich Lager Beer Brewery,” is that the sign on the building identifies them as an “Ale & Porter Brewery.”


Beer In Ads #1735: Heineken Man Table

Tuesday’s ad is for Heineken, from maybe the late 1940s or 1950s. It’s somewhat surreal, showing a man in a suit holding up a table. On the table is a big bottle of Heineken, a full glass of beer and a plate of snacks. Not sure what they’re trying to say. Is it their idea of drinking oneself under the table? Only to become the table? I’m flummoxed.


Beer In Ads #1734: Rolling Stone Breakthrough Can

Monday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1982. Today is the anniversary of the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine, so I figured I’d run this ad from the back cover of the music magazine from 1982. It’s a kinda cool ad showing the can breaking through from inside the magazine, and people on the street in the photo surreally looking up at it. They even offered it as a poster you could send in to have sent to you.