Beer In Ads #1072: The Land Of Something Better

Wednesday’s ad is for Ballantine Ale, from 1942. Showing a man studying, presumably in the evening, to better himself and perhaps get a degree or start a new career. Among the “better things” he’s working for is a better beer, in this case Ballantine Ale. It seems a bit of a stretch to link the two ideas, but what the hell, it was war time.


Beer In Ads #1042: It’s Always Winter In Your Refrigerator

Monday’s ad is for Ballantine, from 1953. Don’t you miss the days taking the horse and sleigh out to the pond and cutting off some slabs of ice to keep your beer cold? Yeah, me neither. That’s because, as the ad puts it. “It’s Always Winter in Your Refrigerator.” For “the flavor that chill can’t kill,” not that it hasn’t tried.


Beer In Ads #1012: Ballantine’s Three-Ring Circus

Monday’s ad is for Ballantine Ale, from 1948. Using the Ballantine logo of three rings in a circus themed ad, this was a typical ad formula during this time period. One oddity: Either that’s a really tiny glass or it’s a nearly bottomless bottle of beer, because the glass is full, but the bottle is still more than two-thirds, possibly as much as three-quarters, full. That’s an impressive bottle. That seems more like a magic trick.


Beer In Ads #984: Stronger Bolder Taste Really Means Business!

Wednesday’s ad is for Ballantine, from 1968. I just watched the James Bond film “Thunderball” with my son this weekend, and this dark drawing of the scuba diver reminds me a bit of it, as if they’re invoking the idea or romance of James Bond to sell Ballantine. Thunderball came out in 1965, and was the most popular Bond film to date, so it’s possible, I suppose. But that tagline, “Stronger Bolder Taste Really Means Business!,” it seems to be mixing too many ideas, and just doesn’t roll off the tongue. And then there’s that other tagline at the bottom of the ad. “Ballantine Ale XXX has a taste you can feel.” Hmm, taste you can feel?