Beer In Ads #1643: Give Yourself A Break

Sunday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1956. When you’re sitting in the dark watching nature documentaries, feasting on the carcass of a chicken (or possibly turkey) with some cheese between two slices of bread, you’ll definitely want a cold beer. So “Give Yourself A Break” and have some “late in the evening.” I hope Bambi makes it out the forest.


Beer In Ads #1622: Chair Painting

Monday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1950. This is from Bud’s long-running “there’s nothing like it … absolutely nothing” series. At least in this ad, the man is serving a beer to his wife, as there are two bottles and glasses. But she seems to be the only one painting the chair. At least that’s how it looks, since it would pretty foolish to wear a white sweater vest when painting. Of course, this was the fifties, when people seemed to dress up to do anything and everything.


Beer In Ads #1595: The Bow Tie Tuxedo

Tuesday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1949. Part of Bud’s long-running “there’s nothing like it” series, the ad starts with “Waltz time, rhumba, foxtrot, swing,” showing a couple out dancing, dressed to the nines. You gotta love that teeny, tiny thin bow tie the man is wearing with his tux. But my favorite is a throwaway statement in the bottom right corner of the ad. “There’s more Budweiser — and there will be still more as our vast expansion program continues.” Uh oh.


Beer In Ads #1516: Decorating The Eggs

Sunday’s ad is an Easter ad for Budweiser, from 1950. It’s an ad from the “There’s Nothing Like It … Absolutely Nothing.” In this holiday-themed ad, a woman is coloring and decorating eggs for Easter, while behind her, a man is holding a sandwich and a beer, watching her do all the work. She’s in a dress with her pearls, and he’s in a white shirt and tie. That takes some sizable confidence to not put on a smock or apron when working with food dye. That green background is somewhat nauseating, too. I hope that’s not the walls of their home, but who knows. You did see interiors back then with some horrific (to our eye) colors.


Beer In Ads #1515: Mama Mia

Saturday’s ad is still another one for Budweiser, this one from 1958. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is called “Mama Mia.” A man eating spaghetti in what appears to be a cliched Italian restaurant, wearing what has to be one of the goofiest expressions to ever grace a beer ad, is looking up as a beer can suspended in the air is pouring itself into his glass. I guess he’s just really happy to have another beer.


Beer In Ads #1514: Next Time

Friday’s ad is yet another one for Budweiser, this one from 1957. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is called “Next Time.” A couple out at a bar, standing close together, while a waitress pours the man a can of Budweiser, which is (warning: broken record coming) already exactly full even though there’s still beer pouring out of the can. If if that’s all of the liquid left in the can, it’s still going to spill over. Also, isn’t the waitress a little close to the couple? Either this is a very crowded bar and she has no choice, but the real question is where is the woman’s beer. Does she not get one, too, or are they planning on sharing the one?


Beer In Ads #1513: There’s More

Thursday’s ad is still another one for Budweiser, this one from 1958. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is called “There’s More.” A couple lying on the beach, with the woman eating a sandwich while the man is pouring a can of beer into her glass, which is already full. She’s trying to keep it from overflowing by sipping on it, but with the smile on his face, it looks like he may be doing it on purpose.


Here’s a slightly larger version of the ad, but without the text.