United States vs. Fifty Cases Of Bottled Beer

While researching Joseph Fallert, whose birthday was earlier today, I came across an interesting lawsuit they were involved in brought by the Department of Agriculture in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, which was in Brooklyn. It seems the Joseph Fallert Brewery mislabeled fifty cases of beer they brewed and shipped them to Cuba. Apparently the beer was labeled “St. Louis” and “Bohemian Brewery’s Bottling” with the beer itself called “Brilliant BOHEMIAN Beer,” none of which was true.

Anyway, below is a report of the adjudication of the case interspersed with beer labels of breweries making Bohemian-Style Beer.


I’m not sure what “Bohemian Beer” was specifically as defined in the early 1900s. There were quite a few beers that called their beer Bohemian, or “Bohemian Style” or “Bohemian Type” beer from that time period up through the 1950s and 60s. But the U.S. Attorney, after an investigation by the Department of Agriculture, alleged the beer brewed by Fallert was not Bohemian.





There even was Bohemian Beer brewed in St. Louis by the American Brewing Co.








If you read through the case, taken from a “Report of Committee and Hearings Held Before the Senate Committee on Manufactures Relative to Foods Held in Cold Storage,” you may have noticed that judgment was rendered without the Joseph Fallert Brewery having brought a defense or even appearing in court. I guess they figured there really was no legitimate defense they could bring and it appears that only the beer was lost, confiscated and sold at auction, and they weren’t fined or in any other way punished as far as I can tell.


First Casualty Of Cuban Tourism: Beer Shortages

You’ve no doubt seen the news that we’ve finally relaxed travel restrictions to Cuba, along with many other changes to our policies regarding the island nation. Last summer, the two countries agreed to reopen embassies on their respective soil, and re-establish diplomatic relations. President Obama recently visited Cuba, the first American head of state to do so since 1928, 88 years ago. Despite the travel ban, small numbers of Americans had been visiting Cuba by going through Mexico or other countries where travel there is not restricted. But now that it’s legal again, record numbers are visiting, leading to the first real problem caused by this influx of American tourists. According to Mashable, Tourists are drinking all of Cuba’s beer.

“The first clear sign that Cuba will have difficulty keeping up with the influx of American tourists — certain only to increase as restrictions are loosened — is a beer shortage.

Good job, America.”


Cuba Beer

Today in 1902, Cuba gained their Independence from Spain (and the U.S.).


Cuba Breweries

Cuba Brewery Guides

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Guild: None Known

National Regulatory Agency: None

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Not Known

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC 0.01% or None


  • Full Name: Republic of Cuba
  • Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, 150 km south of Key West, Florida
  • Government Type: Communist state
  • Language: Spanish (official)
  • Religion(s): Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jewish, Santeria (prior to Castro assuming power)
  • Capital: Havana
  • Population: 11,075,244; 74th
  • Area: 110,860 sq km, 106th
  • Comparative Area: Slightly smaller than Pennsylvania
  • National Food: Platillo Moros y Cristianos; Ropa vieja; Puerco asado; Yuca con mojo
  • National Symbols: Cuban Crocodile; White Ginger Lily — Mariposa; Palma Real
  • Affiliations: UN, OAS
  • Independence: From Spain, May 20, 1902 (from Spain, 10 December 1898; administered by the US from 1898 to 1902; not acknowledged by the Cuban Government as a day of independence) / Triumph of the Revolution, January 1, 1959


  • Alcohol Legal: Yes
  • Minimum Drinking Age: None (to drink); 18 (to buy)
  • BAC: 0.01% or None
  • Label Requirements: N/A
  • Number of Breweries: 6


  • How to Say “Beer”: cerveza
  • How to Order a Beer: Una cerveza, por favor
  • How to Say “Cheers”: Salud
  • Toasting Etiquette: N/A


Alcohol Consumption By Type:

  • Beer: 33%
  • Wine: 1%
  • Spirits: 66%
  • Other: <1%

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):

  • Recorded: 4.41
  • Unrecorded: 1.10
  • Total: 5.51
  • Beer: 1.48

WHO Alcohol Data:

  • Per Capita Consumption: 4 litres
  • Alcohol Consumption Trend: Increase
  • Excise Taxes: Yes
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Sales Restrictions: Time, location
  • Advertising Restrictions: Yes
  • Sponsorship/Promotional Restrictions: N/A

Patterns of Drinking Score: 2

Prohibition: None