Beer In Ads #1135: Challenge The World

Wednesday’s ad is for The Kamm & Schellinger Brewing Co., from Mishawaka, Indiana. It’s from the 1880s, and seems like a very confident ad, what with having a roaring lion straddling the entire Earth and the slogan “Challenge the World.” Since chances are you’ve never heard of them, I think they may not have won that challenge. World 1, Kamm & Schellinger 0.


Congratulations To The Craft Beer President

Okay, last political post for the next four years. Well, maybe not that long, but I’m probably as tired of the political cycle as you are reading me going on about it. With the election finally over, we can get back to what really matters: drinking beer. So, one final congratulations to the Craft Beer President (with a link to an Indiana student paper article from September), and now back to our regularly scheduled program.
Illustration by Ben Wade, from the Indiana Daily Student’s Weekend in Bloomington.

Indiana Beer

Today in 1816, Indiana became the 19th state.


Indiana Breweries

Indiana Brewery Guides

Guild: Brewers of Indiana Guild

State Agency: Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission


  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • Largest Cities: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary
  • Population: 6,080,485; 14th
  • Area: 36420 sq.mi., 38th
  • Nickname: Hoosier State
  • Statehood: 19th, December 11, 1816


  • Alcohol Legalized: December 5, 1933
  • Number of Breweries: 38
  • Rank: 16th
  • Beer Production: 4,154,936
  • Production Rank: 17th
  • Beer Per Capita: 20.2 Gallons


Package Mix:

  • Bottles: 39.2%
  • Cans: 51.6%
  • Kegs: 9%

Beer Taxes:

  • Per Gallon: $0.12
  • Per Case: $0.26
  • Tax Per Barrel (24/12 Case): $3.57
  • Draught Tax Per Barrel (in Kegs): $3.57

Economic Impact (2010):

  • From Brewing: $38,672,825
  • Direct Impact: $1,154,626,759
  • Supplier Impact: $437,356,994
  • Induced Economic Impact: $826,069,137
  • Total Impact: $2,418,052,890

Legal Restrictions:

  • Control State: No
  • Sale Hours: On Premises: 7 a.m.–3 a.m.
    Off Premises: 7 a.m.–3 a.m. No sale on Sunday
  • Grocery Store Sales: Yes
  • Notes: Sales limited to on-premises in restaurants, wineries and breweries on Sundays. No sales on Christmas. Minors, including babies, are not allowed to enter a liquor store. No sales of cold beer in grocery stores or gas stations. ID must be presented for all off-premises sales as of July 1, 2010 per IC 7.1-5-10-23. (Outdated as of 1 July 2011)


Data complied, in part, from the Beer Institute’s Brewer’s Almanac 2010, Beer Serves America, the Brewers Association, Wikipedia and my World Factbook. If you see I’m missing a brewery link, please be so kind as to drop me a note or simply comment on this post. Thanks.

For the remaining states, see Brewing Links: United States.

Beer In Art #87: Paul Wehr’s Drewrys Beer

Today’s work of art was originally advertising art, illustration really, but it’s so good it deserves to be considered fine art. Paul Wehr was an artist/illustrator from Indiana who lived from 1914-1973. This piece, for Drewrys Beer of South Bend, Indiana was done in the 1950s. Drewrys was actually a Canadian brand, but for most of its history was brewed in Indiana. That’s why you can see a Canadian Mountie in the logo. I love hyperrealists — artists like Richard Estes and Ralph Goings — and Wehr’s work reminds me of theirs. Though arguably not quite as photo-realistic, it does seem to presage that art movement and the detail is amazing. I’d love to see how the final ad looked, but alas all I could fine was the artwork Wehr did, a beautiful looking picnic laid out with Drewry beer cans in the center.


In the detailed look below, you can even see the salt on the potato chips. Yum, I’m hungry.


You can also read more about Drewry’s cans at Rusty Cans.

A Visit To Three Floyds

Today, of course, is the annual Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana. Since many people will not have a golden ticket and be waiting in line to buy this year’s Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, here’s a little tour of the brewery I took the Sunday after CBC a couple of weeks ago. Three Floyds’ sales manager Lincoln Anderson was kind enough to drive Sean Paxton and me from our hotel in Chicago (and then dropped us off at the airport, thanks Lincoln) after we spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours n Munster drinking and eating. I knew the beer would be good, I’d had plenty of it before, but I was blown away with how good the food was. Even the frites were top notch (look for a frites review soon) but everything else on the diverse menu we tried was spectacular. The walls were decorated with beer labels and cool original graffiti art. For a lazy Sunday afternoon, the brewpub filled up quickly with tourists, young couples and even families obviously just come from church.

We also had a chance to walk around in the brewery. It was fun to see the Lagunitas fermenters again that Tthree Floyds had bought from them, especially Kaboom. I also shot a short video tour of the brewery, which is below. Happy Dark Lord Day.

While we were there, preparations for Dark Lord Day were well under way, and Lincoln explained to us what else would be added, just for the day’s activities. One hiccup was that during a CBC tour it appears someone stole a bottle of Dark Lord 2010 and had put it up on eBay. Rawmar2 from Spring Grove, Illinois sold it for $12,800, though I suspect that was a false bid so no one could buy it. Even though an eBay win is a contract, it couldn’t be enforced if the goods being sold were stolen.

Three Floyds Entrance
At the entrance to the brewery.

Dark Lord Day banner from 2009
A Dark Lord Banner from 2009 hangs in the brewery.

Below is a slideshow of the Three Floyds Brewery. This Flickr gallery is best viewed in full screen. To view it that way, after clicking on the arrow in the center to start the slideshow, click on the button on the bottom right with the four arrows pointing outward on it, to see the photos in glorious full screen. Once in full screen slideshow mode, click on “Show Info” to identify each photo.

A here’s a short video of me walking through the brewery.