Beer In Film #51: Malting Barley, The Malting Process

Today’s beer video is a nice overview of the malting process by which raw barley is turned into brewing malt to make beer. Malting Barley — Malting Process walks you through the malting steps. It was created by the Malt Academy, which is part of the “Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre, a non-profit, independent organization that was set up to provide technical assistance to the malting barley and brewing industries.” If you want to see more or go father in depth, they have even more videos on YouTube.

Trouble Brewing: Changes In FDA Rules For Spent Grain

There was an interesting article recently on Craft Beer Business detailing how changes to the FDA regulations regarding spent grain might effect breweries. Under a proposed new “definition, craft breweries would be labeled animal feed manufacturers and be regulated as such by the FDA.” Given that most breweries have to find something to do with their spent grain, whether selling it or donating it, if the proposed rules take effect, it will undoubtedly alter the way breweries dispose of their grain. Check out the article, FDA rule regulates spent grain sold as animal feed, to see the rule changes.

Spent grain at Russian River’s production brewery after brewing a batch of Pliny the Elder in May 2009.

Beer In Ads #983: The Goodness Of Malt In Fondue

Tuesday’s ad is for the Barley and Malt Institute, from 1959. This is the fourth ad I have from the now defunct trade group for barley growers. In this one a feminine hand is adding beer to a fondue pot, while a man is stirring it and holding up the “OK” sign, presumably to indicate there’s enough beer in the mix. And that tagline, “Fun-Flavors your creative cookery;” I’m not even sure that quite makes sense. But cheese and beer? Now those are some fun flavors.


Beer In Ads #877: The Goodness Of Malt Goes Far Beyond Delicious Flavor

Wednesday’s ad is for the Barley and Malt Institute, from 1959. This is the third ad I have from the now defunct trade group for barley growers. In this one a man is being delivered actual beer while watching beer on television. How meta. I love the expression on his face. According to the ad, “The goodness of Malt goes far beyond delicious flavor.” Beyond “Fun Flavor,” “malt renews your energy” and also has “important B-complex vitamins.”



The publishers of a new online magazine, Modern Farmer, let me know about an interesting article in their latest issue, Meet The Micro-Malts, about the trend of locally grown barley and wheat for brewing. I’ve been hearing more and more from brewers looking for ways to get their ingredients closer to home, and this is certainly one of the first steps in making that more of a reality. We also need more small, regional malting houses, too. I wonder if anybody’s addressing that need?