Beer In Ads #1623: Same Good Taste Everywhere!

Tuesday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1962. After a day of duck hunting, no matter where you are, the beer will taste the same. I love that one of the guys is drinking so much faster than the other one. His glass is empty while the guy on the right with the flannel sleeve hasn’t even touched his, and must be thinking. “Dude, you gulped your beer down already!?!”


Beer In Ads #1621: Put The Finest Label … On Your Snacking Table

Sunday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1960. This is another in the “Put The Finest Label … On Your Table” series, with this one focusing on what looks like a generous amount of snacks, finger foods and appetizers, plus a fairly full entrée plate. As before, the woman seems to be doing all of the work, smiling even, as the man pours himself a beer. And there appears to be only one bottle and only one glass, so she’s too bust to stop to have a drink, one supposes. Of course, it’s possible he’s pouring the beer for her, and that’s why she’s smiling. In 1960? Nah, I’m going with my first scenario.


Beer In Ads #1591: Land Of Sunshine

Friday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1954. Starting with the tagline “Traditionally the Finest,” the ad equates Florida with vacationers and the state’s fame as “a center of hospitality.” And this is seventeen years before Walt Disney World opened and transformed the state, so I’m not so sure about that claim. I remember a driving vacation my family took when I was fourteen (in 1973) from Pennsylvania to the Sunshine state and we didn’t even consider going; we drove right on past to Miami and the Keys. At any rate, I have a hard time thinking of Florida as an “enchanted land.” Though to be fair, beer-wise, things are a lot better there now than went I flew there once a month when BevMo opened a couple of stores in south Florida thanks to Cigar City and other new breweries.


Beer In Ads #1552: Enjoy Life With Miller High Life

Monday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1963. The ad is fairly simple, just a glass of beer and a half-emptied bottle of High Life next to it, with a plate of food behind it, and slightly out of focus. Is that lobster? It feels like the ad may have been cut off, like there should be more below the headline, but maybe not, it was done in the minimalist 1960s.


Beer In Ads #1453: In Football, We Went Head To Head

Super Sunday’s ad is for Miller Lite, from 1981. Featuring a number of former football players, including Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Billy Kilmer, at a bar claiming that “In Football, We Went Head To Head. But When It Comes To Lite Beer, We See Eye To Eye.” I’m not sure that will happen anytime soon for either the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots, especially after the brawl that erupted in the very last seconds of this year’s Super Bowl earlier tonight.