Beer In Ads #2078: The Pumpkin Centerpiece

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1953. In this ad, dinner is being served, and it’s obvious what time of the year it is given the harvest centerpiece on the table that includes a jack-o-lantern pumpkin. But what I love is that somewhat scary expression on the woman’s face delivering a tray of beer bottles to the table. Maybe I”m reading too much into it, but her face seems to be saying “look, I’ve been cooking all day long, maybe you could at least get off your ass and serve the beer, dear.”


Beer In Ads #2076: America Votes For No Bitterness

Thursday’s ad is for Schlitz, from the 1943. In this ad, showing four very diverse citizens at the ballot box, claims “America Votes For No Bitterness.” Maybe in 1943, but not in 2016, where bitterness reigns supreme, both in our IPAs and also in our elections. I actually had to unfriend someone on Facebook today for the first time ever for going full wacko on me over politics. There’s only a dozen days until the election, and I for one can’t wait until it’s all over.


Beer In Ads #2074: What Do You Know About Voting?

Tuesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1940. In this ad, entitled “What Do You Know About Voting?,” in which how different people experience their right to vote, are explained. There are two weeks to go until arguably the most important election in my lifetime. So I thought it might be important to know everything about it. Luckily, Schlitz has all the answers.


Beer In Ads #2072: There’s A Surprising Difference In Hobbies

Sunday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1939. In this ad, entitled “There’s a surprising difference in Hobbies,” which details many ways in which people like to relax, by collecting things or playing with model trains (like my son). But the second half of this double truck ad is devoted instead to “There’s an amazing difference in beers!” But for that there’s much less variety. Spoiler alert: it’s just Schlitz.


Beer In Ads #2071: Something On The Ball

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1940. In this ad, entitled “Something On The Ball,” there are several sports using balls highlighted — golf, football, bowling and tennis, but baseball is the most prominent one, and since this ad ran five years before the last time the Chicago Cubs appeared in a World Series, I figured it was appropriate for today’s ad with them finally making it to the series this year. The ad finally comes around to tying it into Schlitz, by saying while the sports have “something on the ba;;,” Schlitz is so good it has “everything on the ball.”