Beer In Ads #1236: A Doctor’s Reasons

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1904. It’s an unthinkable ad in today’s world, where health claims are strictly forbidden in beer advertising, even if they’re true. In a fictional, or hypothetical at best, conversation between a doctor and his patient, the physician unequivocally endorses Schlitz beer because it’s so pure. How does he know? Because he’s seen it being brewed, which of course makes no sense. But my favorite advice the doc gives is about why pure beer is good for you. “The hops form a tonic; the barley a food. The trifle of alcohol os an aid to digestion. And the custom of drinking beer supplies the body with fluid to wash out the waste. People who don’t drink beer seldom drink enough fluid of any kind. A great deal of ill-health is caused by the lack of it.” And no, it doesn’t cause biliousness, which is a “term used in the 18th and 19th centuries pertaining to bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive flatulence.” Whew, dodged a bullet there.


Beer In Ads #1212: Joy

Wednesday’s ad is another ad for Schlitz, from 1953. In this Schlitz ad, a couple on the beach is having a picnic, with a few beers, of course. The lad is painting the name “Joy” on the boat, which given that the lass has a “J” monogram on her blouse, must be for her. But every time I see the name “Joy,” I can’t help but think of the old Harry Nilsson song Joy, which is a wonderfully weird song I’ve always loved, but then I’m a huge Nilsson fan.


Beer In Ads #1134: It Made A City Famous

Tuesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1942. Schlitz used that bear in a number of their ads from around that time period. This one is apparently a graduate (of what I don’t know) and possibly majored in geography, as he’s using a pointer to show us the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a globe. After all, Schlitz was “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous.”


Beer In Ads #1120: If You Like Beer, You’ll Love Schlitz

Tuesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1954. The ad is part of a series of ads from that year using the tagline “If You Like Beer, You’ll Love Schlitz.” I’ve featured two others from this series before, and this third one shows a woman by the pool, but wearing a shawl so she doesn’t get too much sun. She’s got her smokes and a bottle of Schlitz, so she’s probably good for a time. With all the jewelry she’s got on, I doubt she’ll be taking a dip in the pool anytime soon.