Watchdog’s Department of Redundancy Department

While I don’t think too much about what I post on Twitter, lots of companies do think about their Twitter frequency, content, timing, etc. How much is the right amount? How much is too much? Organizations should, and usually do, give this careful consideration. Last year, Track Social conducted a study to determine the sweet spot entitled Optimizing Twitter Engagement – Part 2: How Frequently to Tweet. They determined that 2-5 tweets per day is best to get a response from your followers. Less than that and they forget about you, more than that and they start to tune out. Looking at my own Twitterstream, I tend to tweet 4-6 times a day, usually no more than 10; though sometimes I tweet more when I’m traveling.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I see an awful lot of tweets from the prohibitionists at Alcohol Justice, usually with a great deal of repetition. I started noticing that I keep seeing the same twitpic day after day, the same plea for money day after day and the same propaganda day after day. For example, recently I was annoyed by one of their tweets, and considered doing a post about it, but then changed my mind. But I noticed I saw it again, and then again, and then again today. It turns out they first tweeted the one below every single day since December 17, which was the first time, until today. That’s fourteen times in two weeks. Exactly the same every time, as below. They could change the wording, change it up, make it at least appear fresh, but nope, they just retweet it over and over again, as is.


What originally annoyed me is that clicking on the link takes you to a story, Watchdog Group Slams Alcohol “Social Responsibility” Campaigns. The “watchdog” doing the slamming is none other than Alcohol Justice. So in effect, every day they’re saying hey, look at this information about what a watchdog group is saying as if it’s from an objective, unbiased source. But what they’re really saying is: “hey check out this study by us that we got someone else to post without questioning anything.” It feels dishonest at best. There’s nothing about it that’s not slimy and self-referential, more of the circle jerk of prohibitionist propaganda. They could have tweeted that there’s a story about their own study or something to the effect that here’s an article by one of our own, or at least own the information. But that would be honest, something the watchdog holding big alcohol accountable has a hard time doing themselves.

But as this sank in, I also noticed I’ve been seeing lots of repetition. Beating a dead horse seems to be part of the S.O.P., a policy decision. As far as the amount of tweets, looking at the last ten days, Alcohol Justice tweeted 369 times, not including RT’s. That’s an average of almost 37 tweets per day. As of 2:30 p.m. PST, they’ve tweeted 70 times today! That would push the average to nearly forty tweets per day.

Beyond the insane number, it’s the repetition that’s so amazing. There appears to be a calculated policy of tweeting the exact same tweets every day for weeks on end. Just seeing the same graphics tweeted every day makes that point. Take a cursory glance down their twitterstream and you’ll see the same photo and language over and over and over again. The graphic for this tweet is a bottle of Absolut in a rainbow pattern and the text “Absolut Pride,” making me wonder if perhaps they’re also subtly trying to appeal to homophobics, too. Otherwise, what was the point of choosing that particular ad to use in a post about social responsibility? Personally, I like this colorful neon beer bottle sign better. But then, I generally prefer beer.


And then there’s donations, pleas for which are seemingly never-ending. During the month of December, so far, they’ve asked followers for money 57 times, or an average of almost twice a day.

The amount of redundancy in the average day’s Twitter feed by Alcohol Justice reminds me of an old Monty Python bit with a government agency called the “Department of Redundancy Department.” Can their nearly 16,000 followers really welcome that much repetition in the information they’re sending out on a daily basis? Or can it be possible they think so little of those followers that they believe that they need to keep telling them the same things over and again in the hopes that it sinks in eventually?

Peek Analytics Interactive Beer Map

Today’s infographic is an interactive beer map of “the consumer followers of over 2500 beer and microbrewery Twitter accounts.” It was created by PeekAnalytics, who “is an enterprise-class social audience measurement platform that provides rich demographic insights to marketers allowing them to better identify and qualify social consumers. What Nielsen® does for television and radio audiences – PeekAnalytics does for social.”

The default map is the New York City area.


But you can “discover the most popular beer in over 15000 cities across the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland” using their interactive map. Here, for example is California.


And here’s the greater Bay Area.


But check out your own city using PeekAnalytics Beer Map.

Fermentation Films: A Recap

The Twitterverse was abuzz this morning, and the rest of the day, with a clever little game of substituting a beer term for a word in a movie title to come up with what the hashtag termed a “Fermentation Film.” Usually it’s the adult film world that has the best titles, but there were some pretty clever ones thrown down today by a wide range of people. As far as I can tell, it began around 3:00 p.m. in Great Britain (7:00 A.M. Pacific), before migrating across the pond to the United States. The flurry went on for far longer than any hashtag I’ve ever seen that wasn’t event-based. For nearly ten hours, the beerified film titles kept coming, finally slowing down by the end of the work day, California time.

Below is a list of all of the Fermentation Films tweeted with the hashtag #fermentationfilms, along with the person who came up with it first. I worked backwards, so if you tweeted one and there’s a different name next to it, then your tweet was not the first one with that title. The winner of most duplicated has to be “Yeast of Eden.” I think I saw a dozen of those. I kicked out the duplicates, along with a few that were too close, and also didn’t include a few that either were actual film titles or ones that in my admittedly questionable judgement I didn’t understand or didn’t find worthy. That still left a staggering 440 455 fermentation film titles. [Update: I promised myself I wouldn’t go back, but there were a few new ones I couldn’t bear to leave out, so I updated it. The list is now current through September 26 at 11:00 AM PDT.] There’s a few that still make me laugh out loud and a few that made me groan, but they’re all pretty entertaining. Enjoy.

  1. Acetaldehyde Ventura, Pet Deconcotion (beerblog)
  2. Acetobacter The Future (ctrl-malt-delete)
  3. Ale Dogs Go To Heaven (Collin Simula)
  4. Ale of Despereaux (
  5. Ale Rider (infamous rascal)
  6. All Quiet on the Secondary Fermentation (All About Beer)
  7. All the Brewmasters Men (Chris Heier)
  8. Alpha Grog (BillF)
  9. An Altbier to Remember (Bull City Homebrew)
  10. American Brewty (Sierra Nevada Beer)
  11. The Andromeda Strain (Sid Boggle)
  12. The Angelic Fermentation (Adam Vavrick)
  13. Annie Hallertau (Brookston)
  14. Any Given Krausen (Armando Garcia)
  15. Anything Gose (Brad C.)
  16. Apocalypse Brau (Meredith Whitfield)
  17. Apollo 13%AA (Chris Heier)
  18. Apple Pulp Fiction (Kevin Bagshaw)
  19. Arsenic and Belgian Lace (Jessica Vander Velde)
  20. Arsenic and Old Lacing (Lisa Grimm)
  21. The Attenuation Commandments (Simon H Johnson)
  22. The Autolysis Strikes Back (Chris Heier)
  23. Backdraught (JP)
  24. Ballast Point Blank (Abe Froman)
  25. The Bamberg Club (Lisa Grimm)
  26. Barley and Friends (Ramblin’ Road)
  27. Barley and Me (Beer n’ Loathing)
  28. Barley and the Beast (Beer Kristine)
  29. Barley Legal (StarCitySuds)
  30. Bar Trek (Eclecticmess)
  31. Bar Wars (Cloten)
  32. Battlestar Malolactica (Beerburgersbees)
  33. Beauty and the Yeast (Andy Parker)
  34. Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas (Brooklyn Pour)
  35. Beetlegueuze! (The Beer Jesus)
  36. The Big Chelan (Beer Kristine)
  37. Big Fat Gypsum Wedding (Beerburgerbees)
  38. The Big Lebrewski (Jon Page)
  39. Big Trub In Little China (Alistair Reece)
  40. Black Hop Down (Mike Sawicki)
  41. Bock, Scotch and Two Smoking Rauchbiers (Chris Heier)
  42. Bock to the Future (Bill Benedict)
  43. Bock Trouble in Little China (Lisa Grimm)
  44. Bond, Lovibond (Brookston)
  45. Bottleship (Marshal Jhakov)
  46. Boys in the Mt. Hood (Beer Kristine)
  47. Bravehop (Justin Stewart)
  48. Breakfast Stout at Tiffany’s (Bruce_F)
  49. The Breakfast Trub (Sid Boggle)
  50. The Brett-fast Club (Beer Kristine)
  51. Brett First at Tiffany’s (James Campbell)
  52. Brew Day Afternoon (John Williams)
  53. BrewDog Day Afternoon (Dave Morton)
  54. BrewDog Millionaire (Oscar)
  55. Brewer’s Millions (paramnesiac)
  56. Brew Lagoon (Tim Bluhm)
  57. The Brews Brothers (Kevin Bagshaw)
  58. Brewstand by Me (Brad Nixon)
  59. Brewster Cogburn (Martyn Cornell)
  60. Brewsters Billions (Cloten)
  61. Brewty and the Yeast (Joshua Adams)
  62. Bride of Firkinstein (Beer n’ Loathing)
  63. Brite Tank, Big City (Steve)
  64. Broadcast Brews (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  65. A Brux Tale (Tommy Kelley)
  66. The Bucket Grist (Pierre Lachaine)
  67. The Buy Centennial Man (ctrl-malt-delete)
  68. Cantillon up the Khyber (Denzil Vallance)
  69. Cape Beer (Alicia Coulter)
  70. The Carboy in the Plastic Bubble (BevacquaFan)
  71. Carboy Wash (Jeremy Teel)
  72. Carboys Don’t Cry (Joel Kennedy)
  73. Carboys in the Hood (
  74. Carboyz N Tha Hood (Steve)
  75. Cassavablanca (Dave Morton)
  76. Casualties of Wort (Ethan)
  77. Catcher in the Rye Malt (Alicia Coulter)
  78. Centennial Man (Adam Vavrick)
  79. Charlie Wilson’s Wort (
  80. Chasing Amylase (Spencer O’Bryan)
  81. Children of a Lesser Quad (Jeremy Danner)
  82. Children of the Barley (Gary Valentine)
  83. Chill Hazed and Confused (Kevin Kozlen)
  84. Chocolat Malt (Lonerider ATL)
  85. Citizen Racking Kane (Brad Nixon)
  86. Citizen Strain (Sid Boggle)
  87. Citramancer (Adam Vavrick)
  88. A Citra Named Desire (BOAB Brewhaus)
  89. City Slicker II: The Legend of Brewer’s Gold (Mike Sawicki)
  90. Clan of the Cave Beer (hashtag_ninja)
  91. Clash of the Titan IPA’s (Matthew McGavic)
  92. Clear and Present Pilsner (James Laska)
  93. A ClockWit Orange (Texas Brewnette)
  94. A Clockwork Oranjeboom (mark pitsch)
  95. A Clockwort Orange (Oscar)
  96. Coal Miner’s Lauter (Jack Highberger)
  97. Conan the Beerbarian (Boozy Beggar (Seth))
  98. The Conicals of Riddick (ctrl-malt-delete)
  99. Cool Ship Luke (Mike Tinker)
  100. The Cylindroconicals of Narnia (ctrl-malt-delete)
  101. Dances with Worts (All About Beer)
  102. Dark Crystal (Dominic Driscoll)
  103. Dark Lord Knight Rises! (Indy Brew Chef)
  104. Das Boil (Alistair Reece)
  105. Das Reinheitsgebot (StarCitySuds)
  106. Das Wort (Jeremy Teel)
  107. Dead Barm (Phil Mellows)
  108. Death Of A Saaz-Man (Craft Beer Monger)
  109. Debbie Does Decoction (Kevin Kozlen)
  110. Debbie Does Diacetyl (Luke Otter)
  111. Debbie Does Dunkelweizen (Armando Garcia)
  112. The Debittered Black Knight (Austin B Harvey)
  113. Decoction Haunted Hill (ctrl-malt-delete)
  114. Diacetyl Another Day (ctrl-malt-delete)
  115. Dial M for Malt (Brow_Down)
  116. Dieacetyl Hard (Mike McGuigan)
  117. The Dirty Krausen (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  118. Dogfish Head Afternoon (mark pitsch)
  119. Don’t Tell Mom the Brewmasters Dead (Marc Rea)
  120. Don’t Tell Mom The Baby Citra’s Dead (ctrl-malt-delete)
  121. Double Diamonds Are Forever (Brookston)
  122. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hop Bomb (Brookston)
  123. Dry Hop (Chris Johnson)
  124. Dry Hop 2 (Chris Johnson)
  125. Dry Hop With A Vengeance (Chris Johnson)
  126. Dry Hop 4: Live Free or Dry Hop (Chris Johnson)
  127. Dubbel Impact (New Belgium Brewing)
  128. Duck Rabbit Soup (Meredith Whitfield)
  129. Dude, Where’s My Caramel Malt? (kortney)
  130. Easy Radler (Richard Hamilton)
  131. Edward Saazerhands (Jeremy Danner)
  132. 8 Gyle (ctrl-malt-delete)
  133. Eis Age (Jeff Merriman)
  134. Eisbock to the Future (Dave Morton)
  135. Empire of the Tun (Tucker Craig)
  136. The Empire Strikes Bock (Nick)
  137. Endless Summerfest (Dave Mulligan)
  138. The English Papazian (Chris Heier)
  139. Enter the Flagon (Robert Norman)
  140. Eraserheadretention (Russ)
  141. Ernest Goes to Beer Camp (Kevin Kozlen)
  142. Falconers Flight of the Phoenix (Bob Weden)
  143. Fantastic Vorlauf (ctrl-malt-delete)
  144. The Fast and The Furious [Surly Brewing] (Isaac Sparling)
  145. Fatal Attenuation (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  146. The Faucet Shank Redemption (Brad Nixon)
  147. Fermenting Nemo (Abe Froman)
  148. The Ferminator (Christopher Graf)
  149. Ferris Brewers Day Off (Phil Gallagher)
  150. Fever Pitch (David Bishop)
  151. A Few Good Ales (Fabricio Cannini)
  152. The Fining (Martyn Cornell)
  153. Firkinstein (Beer n’ Loathing)
  154. Fight Trub (ctrl-malt-delete)
  155. (500) Hops of Summer (Liberty Village Beer)
  156. A Floculation of Dodos (Dave Morton)
  157. Flocculation The Musical (Daniel)
  158. For a Few Gravity Points More (Brad Nixon)
  159. Frankensteinecker (Jeremy Danner)
  160. Friday The Thirteenth Degree Plato (Bull City Homebrew)
  161. From Beer To Eternity (Bill Fowler)
  162. Full Fermentation Jacket (Martyn Cornell)
  163. Full Metal Steam Jacket (Brookston)
  164. Gentlemen Prefer Blonde Ales (Bruce_F)
  165. The Germinator (infamous rascal)
  166. G. Heile-Men (mark pitsch)
  167. The Girl Who Played With Firkins (Jordan)
  168. The Girl With The Flagon Tattoo (Gregg Speirs)
  169. The Glucose Chainsaw Massacre (ctrl-malt-delete)
  170. GoldingsEye (Brookston)
  171. Goldingsfinger (Brookston)
  172. Gone With the Wort (Brookston)
  173. Good Dry Hopping (Joel Kennedy)
  174. Goodhellas (infamous rascal)
  175. The Good, The Bad and the Barley (Brett Jones)
  176. The Good, the Bad and the Fuggly (Dominic Driscoll)
  177. Gorillas in the Grist (Jeremy Danner)
  178. Gose Busters (rossthefireman)
  179. Grain Expectations (Martyn Cornell)
  180. Grain Man (Gregg Speirs)
  181. Grains of Paradise Canyon (Alicia Coulter)
  182. Grains of Paradise Lost (Bob Weden)
  183. Grainspotting (Steve)
  184. Great Flocculations (ctrl-malt-delete)
  185. The Great White Hop (Kevin Kozlen)
  186. Green Flash Gordon (Texas Brewnette)
  187. The Green Hop Mile (Kevin Bagshaw)
  188. The Grist of Wrath (Tommy Kelley)
  189. Grist Tracy (Chris Heier)
  190. Guess Who’s Coming to the Beer Dinner? (Neil Witte)
  191. The Gueuze Brothers (BryanDRoth)
  192. Gueuzebusters (Martyn Cornell)
  193. Gueuze Morning Vietnam! (SteveC.)
  194. The Gueuze, the Bad, and the Ugly (Rachael Weseloh)
  195. Gueuze with the Wind (Timothy Robert)
  196. The Hallertau of Steve (Rimmy.)
  197. Hard Cider House Rules (StarCitySuds)
  198. Harold and Malt (Kevin Kozlen)
  199. Harold & Maudite (Craft Beer Monger)
  200. Harry Porter & the Chamber of Saisons (Jordan)
  201. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallertau (Lisa Grimm)
  202. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Rauchbier (Stacey Butler)
  203. Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s @StoneBrewingCo (MellodyBrewing)
  204. Hellesboy (Lisa Grimm)
  205. Hellesboy 2, The Golden Barley (Tucker Craig)
  206. Henry: Portrait Of A Cereal Killer (Adam Vavrick)
  207. The Hersbrucker Proxy (Dan Griffiths)
  208. Homebrew Bound (Marc Rea)
  209. Hopageddon (Beer Kristine)
  210. Hopback Mountain (Kevin Kozlen)
  211. The Hop Back of Norte Dame (Alicia Coulter)
  212. Hopback To The Future (Ten Inch Wheels)
  213. The Hopfather (Beer Notes)
  214. Hop Gun (Jessica Vander Velde)
  215. Hopocalypse Now (Eclecticmess)
  216. The Hoppit (Lonerider ATL)
  217. Hoppy Gilmore (Rob Thomas)
  218. Hops and Glory (Beer Kristine)
  219. The Hops of Wrath (Brookston)
  220. The House of Isinglass (Gregg Speirs)
  221. How I Brett Your Mother (ctrl-malt-delete)
  222. How IPA Won the War (Lisa Grimm)
  223. The Hunt For Red Oktoberfest (Alistair Reece)
  224. The Hunt for Red Hoptober (Jordan)
  225. I Know What You Brewed Last Summer (Davey Welch)
  226. I-Krausen (Cheshire Brewhouse)
  227. I’m Gonna Git You Suckeromyces Hard (Mike McGuigan)
  228. InArrogant Basterds (Jeremy Teel)
  229. In Brews (Abe Froman)
  230. Indiana Jones and the Last Glissade (Hoplanta)
  231. Indiana Jones & The Last Grande Cru-sade (Dave Morton)
  232. Indiana Jones and the Tripel of Doom (kortney)
  233. Inherit The Wort (Craft Beer Monger)
  234. In the Heat of the Mash Tun (Brookston)
  235. The Iron Cask (StarCitySuds)
  236. The Isinglass Menagerie (Jeremy Danner)
  237. It Came from Malted Barley (Chris Heier)
  238. It’s a Wonderful Lite (DPW)
  239. Jackie Nut Brown (Jason Budday)
  240. James Blonde (Jeff Merriman)
  241. John Tucker must Diacetyl (StarCitySuds)
  242. Judge Brett (Chris Heier)
  243. Kevin And Perry Go Sparge (ctrl-malt-delete)
  244. Kissing Jessica Stein Beer (Nicholas Guarracino)
  245. Kölschbusters (__beertooth)
  246. Kolsch Encounters of the Third Rind (Sierra Nevada Beer)
  247. Kolsch Runnings (Alistair Reece)
  248. A Krausen Splendid Suns (Ten Inch Wheels)
  249. Kvass Gordon (Lisa Grimm)
  250. Lactobacilli, Robot (ctrl-malt-delete)
  251. Lacto to the Future (Jeremy Danner)
  252. A Lager Of Their Own (Collin Simula)
  253. Lager Than Life (Andrew Emerton)
  254. The Lauter King (Craft Beer Monger)
  255. A League Of Cicerone (Adam Vavrick)
  256. Left Hand That Rocks the Cradle (Matt Drummond)
  257. Little Krausen The Prairie (ctrl-malt-delete)
  258. Lock, Stock, and Two Aging Barrels (Matt)
  259. Look Who’s Brewing Now? (Marc Rea)
  260. The Lord of the Beers: Fellowship of the Cicerones (Chris Heier)
  261. The Lord of the Beers: The Two Trippels (Chris Heier)
  262. The Lord of the Beers: The Return of the Bud (Chris Heier)
  263. The Lord of the Ringwood (Lisa Grimm)
  264. Lord of the Ryes (Jordan)
  265. Lost Encounters of the Third Tier (Danny A.)
  266. The Lupuliners (Mike Sawicki)
  267. A Mad River Runs Through It (Adam Vavrick)
  268. Malt, Hops & Two Firkin Barrels (pdtnc)
  269. Maltlock (Wade Reid)
  270. The Maltose Falcon (StarCitySuds)
  271. Mandy Does Maris [Otter] (Russ)
  272. A Man for All Saisons (Neil Witte)
  273. The Man with the Golden Ale (Andrew Ignatz)
  274. The Man with the Goldings Gun (Martyn Cornell)
  275. The Man With Two Grains (Grainne Walsh)
  276. Marley and Mead (Christian Williams)
  277. Mary Proppins (Jeremy Danner)
  278. Märzen Attacks! (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  279. M*A*S*H (James McIntyre)
  280. Masher and Commander (Joel Kennedy)
  281. Mash Me If You Can (BillF)
  282. Mashmen (BillF)
  283. Mash of the Titans (Robert Norman)
  284. Mashraker (Andrew Ignatz)
  285. Mashtun Impossible (kyle)
  286. The Mash Tun in the Woods (Chris Heier)
  287. Meet the Floccers (Jeremy Danner)
  288. Me, Myself & IPA (Bob Weden)
  289. Menace II Sobriety (Adam C.)
  290. Men In Black IPA (Men In Black IPA)
  291. Men in Bock (Jennifer Pesek)
  292. Midnight Carboy (Beer Notes)
  293. The Milling Fields (Kevin Kozlen)
  294. The Miracle of Morgan’s Kriek (Bruce_F)
  295. The Missouri Hot Breaks (Martyn Cornell)
  296. Monty Python & the Holy Ale (Cheryl b)
  297. Mr. Smith Gose To Washington (Nicholas Guarracino)
  298. Mrs. Stoutfire (Patrick Delahunty)
  299. The Munchener Candidate (Brookston)
  300. My Blue Paddle Heaven (Eclecticmess)
  301. Natural Born Millers (Adam Vavrick)
  302. New Glarus When it Sizzles (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  303. 9 1/2 Weeks of Lagering (Russ)
  304. Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Brews (Marc Rea)
  305. Northern Brewer by Northwest (Brookston)
  306. Oast of Hop Street (Alistair Reece)
  307. The Odd Dubbel (Peter Culos)
  308. An Officer and a Lauter Tun (BillF)
  309. Of Briess and Men (Jeff Merriman)
  310. Of Saccharomyces And Men (Martyn Cornell)
  311. Old Gueuzers Young Teasers (Joanna)
  312. Oliver Grist (Rachael Weseloh)
  313. One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (infamous rascal)
  314. One Fining Day (Kevin Bagshaw)
  315. 127 Sours (Jordan)
  316. On the Wurterfront (infamous rascal)
  317. Orval-y Girl (ctrl-malt-delete)
  318. Pale Ale Rider (StarCitySuds)
  319. The Pellicle Brief (David Bishop)*
  320. The Perks of Being a Hopflower (John Williams)
  321. Perle Harbor (Brookston)
  322. Pint Club (Cloten)
  323. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Perle (Brookston)
  324. Pirates of the Carrageenan (Dave Morton)
  325. Pitch Black (pdtnc)
  326. Planet of the Ales By Tim Burtonisation (Beerburgersbees)
  327. Pirates of the Carbonation (DPW)
  328. Polestar Wars (Matt Drummond)
  329. The Propagation (Adam Vavrick)
  330. Pulp Fermentation (Craft Beer Monger)
  331. Raging Boil (Tommy Kelley)
  332. Raiders of the Last Hops (Kief Wahoo)
  333. Raiders of the Lost Sparge (Brookston)
  334. Raising Amarillo (Brookston)
  335. The Rauch (Nicholas Guarracino)
  336. Rebel without a Gueuze (infamous rascal)
  337. Reservoir Dogfish (StarCitySuds)
  338. Revenge of the Pilsners (Kris Fruin)
  339. Robo-Hop (Craft Beer Monger)
  340. The Rocky Hallertau Picture Show (Beer Kristine)
  341. Romancing the @StoneBrewingCo (Alicia Coulter)
  342. Room At The Top-Fermenting (Sid Boggle)
  343. A Room With a Brew (Bob Weden)
  344. Saison Golden Pond (Dave Morton)
  345. Saison of the Witch (Nate Nolan)
  346. Sauvin Private Ryan (Nate Nolan)
  347. Saving Private Reinheitsgebot (James Laska)
  348. Saving Private Rhizomes (Mike Sawicki)
  349. Saving Private Rye (FV7)
  350. Saving Private Stock Ryan (DPW)
  351. A Scanner Dunkelweizen (rossthefireman)
  352. Schaefer’s List (DPW)
  353. Schindler’s Grist (ctrl-malt-delete)
  354. Schlitzizen Kane (StarCitySuds)
  355. School of Bock (rossthefireman)
  356. Sexy Yeast (Christopher Graf)
  357. Shandyman (Jeremy Danner)
  358. She’s Reinheitsgebotta Have It (John Porter)
  359. The Shiner (Meredith Whitfield)
  360. The Silence of the Lambics (ctrl-malt-delete)
  361. Singin’ in the Grain (DPW)
  362. Six Degrees of Plato (Brookston)
  363. SlumDogfish Head Millionaire (Jeff Pelletier)
  364. Some Like it Hopped (Cameron Lang)
  365. Some Like It Hoppy (Brookston)
  366. Some Like it Hot Side Aeration (Brad Nixon)
  367. Sofie’s Choice (Marshal Jhakov)
  368. Some Like it Sour (Win Bassett)
  369. Sorachi Ace Ventura: Brett Detective (Kevin Kozlen)
  370. Spargeicus (Steve)
  371. Spargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Tucker Craig)
  372. Spatencus (Texas Brewnette)
  373. Splendor in the Mash (Norman Benson)
  374. Spongebob Yorkshire Squarepants (Ten Inch Wheels)
  375. Stanges in the Night (Beer By BART)
  376. Starsan Troopers (Oscar)
  377. Star Trek: the Next Fermentation (Alicia Coulter)
  378. Star Warsteiner (Ethan)
  379. Star Worts (StarCitySuds)
  380. Star Worts: A New Hop (Thomas Johnson)
  381. Stomp the Yard Glass (StarCitySuds)
  382. Stout of Africa (Bayou Beer Society)
  383. A Streetcar Named Decoction (Brookston)
  384. A Streetcar Named Dimethyl Sulfide (All About Beer)
  385. Super Mega Yeast vs. Uber Octopus (Craft Beer)
  386. Tank Gose (Lisa Grimm)
  387. Terms of En-Beer-ment (Stacey Butler)
  388. That Thing You Brew! (Andy Hille)
  389. There’s Something About Beta-Amylase (ctrl-malt-delete)
  390. There’s Something About Malting (Brookston)
  391. There Will Be Brett (Bull City Homebrew)
  392. Three Floyds and a Baby (Kevin Lansing)
  393. There Will Be Trub (SnailTrax)
  394. 3:10 to Yakima (Bull City Homebrew)
  395. Tim Burton Union’s Nightmare Before Christmas (David Kenning)
  396. A Time to Mill (Cole Lundquist)
  397. To Heffe and Heffe Not (Norman Benson)
  398. Tomme (Kim Sharpe Jones)
  399. Tomme Boy (Cheryl b)
  400. Top Tun (Kim Sharpe Jones)
  401. TransPorter (Patrick Delahunty)
  402. The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada (Brookston)
  403. The Trippels of Belleville (New Belgium Brewing)
  404. Trouble with the Cuvée (BryanDRoth)
  405. Trubber (Gregg Speirs)
  406. Trub Romance (Neil Witte)
  407. True Grist (Shane O’Beirne)
  408. Twelve [Golden] Monkeys (Cheryl b)
  409. 28 Days Lauter (Jeremy Danner)
  410. 24 Hour Parti-Gyle People (ctrl-malt-delete)
  411. 2001: A Spalt Odyssey (Craft Beer Monger)
  412. The Unbearable Lightness of Brewing (Brad Nixon)
  413. The Unbearable Lightstruck of Being (John Porter)
  414. Union Jack CIty (Armando Garcia)
  415. Up in Rauch! (Doug Ellertson)
  416. Up in the Airlock (BevacquaFan)
  417. Vatman (Jeff Merriman)
  418. V for Vorlauf (Brad Nixon)
  419. Voyage To The Bottom Fermenting Of The Sea (Sid Boggle)
  420. Wayne’s Wort (Beer Notes)
  421. War and Yeast (Wolfbrau)
  422. Wedding Cold Crashers (Andy Parker)
  423. The Wedding Mashers (Nicholas Guarracino)
  424. Weekend at Breweries (John Williams)
  425. Weisse Guys (JP)
  426. The Weiss the Wit and the Hefeweizen (Chris Heier)
  427. Westmallerats (ctrl-malt-delete)
  428. Wet Hop American Summer (Matt)
  429. When Harry Met Saccharomyces (Brookston)
  430. When Sparge Attacks (Marc Rea)
  431. Where The Wild Hops Are (Kief Wahoo)
  432. Where the Wild Yeast Are (Alistair Reece)
  433. Whitelabs Can’t Jump (David Bishop)
  434. White Men Can’t Hop (Davey Evans)
  435. The Wild Bunch (Christopher Graf )
  436. The Willamette Man (Lisa Grimm)
  437. Wise Gueuze (Richard Hamilton)
  438. Withnail and IPA (Dan Griffiths)
  439. The Wizard of O.G. (Brookston)
  440. The Wizard of Saaz (Citra Loves Sorachi)
  441. The Wizard of Sparging (Liberty Village Beer)
  442. Wort and Peace (kortney)
  443. Wort Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Alistair Reece)
  444. Wort Games (Lisa Grimm)
  445. Wort Locker (FV7)
  446. Wort of the Worlds (Justin)
  447. Wyeast Earp (BevacquaFan)
  448. Wyeastern Promises (Justin)
  449. The Yeast Count of Monte Cristo (Kevin Bagshaw)
  450. Yeast is Yeast (Sid Boggle)
  451. Yeast Of Eden (Ten Inch Wheels)
  452. Yield of Dreams (Gary Valentine)
  453. You Cantillon Take It With You (Jeremy Danner)
  454. You Only Lager Twice (Brookston)
  455. You’ve Got Malt (Neil Witte)

* As far as I can tell, this was the first Fermentation Film title to be posted on Twitter, making David the originator of today’s fun.