1. beerman49 says

    Interesting poster, but she forgot BASEBALL! Busch family has owned the St Louis Cardinals for a long time, & all 3 parks the Cards have played in were named Busch! (NOTE: the original bamdbox park, which the Cards shared w/the Browns, was originally called Sportsmens Park until the Browns moved to Baltimore early 50’s & tbecame the Orioles & Busch became the 1st & only post-WWII owner to have the ballpark named after itself – & maybe the only one ever since Calvin Griffith built the 1st park the Senators/Nationals occupied in DC IN Walter Johnson’s day).

    The obsucre one she picked up on is that Busch owned a metalworks that produced a lot of military artillery during WWII. If one has read the “unholy history” book about A-B from 10-15 yrs back, the kidnap episode is there.

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