The Good Taste of Beer Comes in a Bottle

Today’s infographic is an oldie but goodie, a poster of beer bottles from 1976. It gives you a good idea of how bad the beer scene was back then. The poster is one of the hidden gems from Jess Kidden‘s breweriana treasure trove.

Click here to see the poster full size.


  1. Beerman49 says

    What a difference 37 yrs makes! God knows how many of the brews on that poster have gone to beer “limbo”; how many would a beer geek even deem worthy of consideration to drink now (given that 99% of us got our starts drinking some kind of macro/local lager/pils that we now “dis”)? Beer geeks have the “try anything once” mentality, as long as the style matches their preferences.

    Jess Kidden – thanx for sharing a nice piece of “breweriana”!;

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