The Next “Session” Heads East

Girl Likes Beer, who is hosting our next Session, has a personal goal to sample a beer from every country with their own brewery. She’s had quite a few west of her native Poland, but the east is still largely unexplored. So she’s invited us to go east with her. She explains:

I would like you to pick your favorite beer made east from your hometown but east enough that it is already in a different country. It can be from the closest country or from the furthest. Explain why do you like this beer. What is the coolest stereotype associated with the country the beer comes from (of course, according to you)? And one more thing. If you do a video or picture of the beer (not obligatory of course) try to include the flag of the country.

Well, this could be fun. Get out your maps, compasses and orienteering gear. And head east in search of beer.


  1. says

    Interesting… my next nation east is the USA. Kingston is in rough line with Burlington, Vermont as well as Augusta, Maine. Then France at St. Pierre et Miquelon a bit to the north of the line. It seems to slam next into that bit of Spain above Portugal. That gives me something to work with.

  2. fraggle says

    east of me would be san joaquin county. its like another country.
    guess i’d better go grab some Valley Brewing stuff from Stockton

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