Where Do Beer Nuts Come From?

These are pretty funny. Terry Border runs a website called Bent Objects, where he creates funny dioramas using everyday objects and bent paperclips. In these two, apparently St. Pauli Girl isn’t the wholesome gal everybody thinks she is. Instead she’s terrorizing some colleagues for their nuts … beer nuts, that is.

The first is from 2008, and is titled Yeah, This is Where Those Come From.


The first one also includes these puns.

It’s also how light beers are made here in the U.S., but personally, I only like a full bodied beer.

She had often been described as a little bitter.

She was cold one, that’s for sure.

And this one’s from Valentine’s Day, 2011.


If you want to see a selection of other ones, check out Bent Objects, the Return of Bent Objects or the official Bent Objects website.


  1. beerman49 says

    Beer nuts – the official disease of Milwaukee (from the 70’s, when Schlitz still had a reasonable market share)

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