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Announcing The Bay Brewers Guild

I’m pleased to announce that a number of South Bay, Silicon Valley brewers have banded together to form the Bay Brewers Guild, a new trade group for brewers located “South to Monterey, North to The Northern most point of the SF bay, East to all breweries that call the Bay their home (this can include places such as Livermore, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, etc.), and West to the Pacific Ocean.” The new guild has been brewing for some time now, but it recently became official, and they’re a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as of November 27, 2012.

In a press release announcing their formation, the guild’s stated goals are the following.

  1. To promote the beers of the breweries in our area.
  2. To raise awareness about the joys of drinking craft beer.
  3. To support other non-profit organizations in our area.
  4. To develop and run annual beer events for our community.
  5. To spread the word about our area as having a long history in the American Craft Beer Movement that continues today.

They’re just getting started, and will be conducting monthly meetings. ALso, there’s no online presence yet, but I imagine that’s in the works. Executive Director of the new guild is Dan Satterthwaite, who’s a Siebel trained brewer who’s worked for Gordon Biersch and is currently in the process of opening his own brewery in Santa Cruz. If you’re in their geographic area and not currently a member, please contact Dan about becoming involved in the guild. Congratulations to everybody involved.

Founding Members of the Bay Brewers Guild:

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