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Another Jack McAuliffe Update

Maureen Ogle, author of Ambitious Brew, had another, more uplifting, update on New Albion Brewery founder Jack McAuliffe, which she received from Jack’s sister Cathy April 10, via Twitter:

New Albion Brewery founder Jack McAuliffe is off the vent and is talking!

And then there’s this even better news from today, also via Maureen by way of Jack’s sister Cathy:

Jack sat in a chair today!

[I told the nurses] “that’s just Jack.” (He wants to cut the bandage off his left hand, etc.) [He insists] he was not in any accident..and, of course, people rarely remember the accident itself, but he doesn’t seem to believe them!

He’s in “step down status,” which means he would go to an intermediate room (between ICU and a regular room), but they don’t have many of those, so he’s still in ICU.

Nice to get some good news on Jack.


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