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Auburn Alehouse Set to Open Thursday

Brian Ford, the former brewer at Beermanns Beerwerks near Sacramento has been trying to get his new brewpub open for some time now. Finally, his new Auburn Alehouse Brewery & Restaurant will be opening this Thursday, June 21 in Old Town Auburn, California, which is also just outside Sacramento. I saw Brian and tried a pair of his beers at the Raley Field Brewfest May 12. Brian even invited me up this weekend to try things out but with Father’s Day it just didn’t work out.

Photograph by Ben Furtado of the Auburn Journal

Yesterday’s Auburn Journal, the local paper, ran a nice introductory story on the brewpub.

Although I confess to a chuckle over this amusing understatement:

All beer is brewed using traditional ingredients like malted barley, hops, fresh water and yeast, as well as some specialty ingredients like wheat, maize, spices and regional fruits.

As opposed to …? When I first read that, it made me think the reporter was informing the reader as to what beer is made with, but to be fair, she copied this statement from the Auburn Alehouse’s website, but changed the first few words from “All beers will be brewed using …” to “All beer is brewed using …., which changes the meaning considerably.”

But that gentle gaffe aside, it was great to see Brian’s new venture get some local attention. Their website lists nine regular beers and will also be supplemented “seasonal or monthly special brew,” along with what they’re calling “Pub Brewed Special,” which sounds like very small batches.

Also the food to be served at the restaurant sounds pretty damn good. The chef is Luis Gomez, who is also a co-owner. He’s apparently been cooking for almost thirty years centering on “Mediterranean and Southwestern flare.”

The restaurant will also feature more than a dozen appetizers, including crab cakes, alehouse wedge fries and pub pickle chips, roughly 30 entrees including steak, fish and pizzas, soups, salads and desserts.

And the cheeseloaf sound pretty tasty, too. It’s described as a “[b]aked to order sourdough round loaf, stuffed with Gruyere, Parmesan, Swiss, garlic butter, and chives, served with balsamic and olive oil.” He’ll also be using as many local ingredients as possible. I’m looking very forward to the time when I can try Brian’s beer and eat some of the food at Auburn Alehouse.


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