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Beer In Ads #2599: Time For A Breather

Tuesday’s ad is for is by the Brewing Industry Foundation, from 1956. Beginning during World War II, the USBIF began a series of positive ads under the name “Morale is a Lot of Little Things” followed by an unnumbered series of illustrated ads that were a precursor to the numbered “Home Life in America,” the crown jewel of ads which ran from 1945 to 1956, also known as the Beer Belongs series. But they didn’t end there, and for a short time afterward, beginning in 1956, several more similar ads were created but without the numbering or the “Home Life in America” association.

In this ad, entitled the “Time For A Breather,” the scene is a man having done a lot of work in the yard, and now he’s being rewarded with a beer. But his wife appears to have two glasses of beer on that tray, and I don’t know what she did to deserve the same reward? Plus, he either looks very proud of the work he’s done, or he’s a friend of Dorothy. The inset box is interesting. In it, the reader is told to “Give beer its head — pour with glass straight, not tilted — tastes even better that way!”

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