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Beer Birthday: Bruce Joseph

Bruce Joseph, who’s been at Anchor Brewery for many, many years turns 68 today. There’s a big picture of him when he was very young in the stairwell at the brewery that I see every time I was there. He’s been doing the distilling for Anchor’s whiskey and gin for a long while now and played bass with the Hysters (Anchor’s big band) and used to be with the Rolling Boil Blues Band (the Celebrator beer band that was all industry musicians). If there’s a nicer person in the beer industry, I’ve yet to meet him. Join me in wishing Bruce a very happy birthday.

A self-portrait of Bruce and me at the Anchor Christmas Party in 2006.

On stage at the Northern California Rhythm & Blues Festival several years ago.

With Melissa Myers at the Falling Rock during GABF 2007.

With Garrett Oliver at an industry event during GABF years ago.

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