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Beer Birthday: Jack Curtin

Today is fellow Pennsylvania beer writer Jack Curtin’s birthday, who passed away a couple of years ago. You could read his writings and rantings on a variety of subjects at his Liquid Diet Online, Curtin’s Corner, I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing, and The Great Disconnect. If you think I don’t know when to stop, check out Jack’s voluminous output. Plus Jack was one of my favorite people to kvetch about politics with, over a pint, of course. Join me in drinking a toast to Jack tonight.

Jack and me at Nodding Head during Philly Beer Week several years ago.

Jack, at right, with fellow Pennsylvanians Don Russell (a.k.a. Joe Sixpack) and Lew Bryson. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, too. What is it about the Commonwealth and beer writers?

Tomme Arthur and Jack.

Jack with Sam Calagione, Ed Friedland and Nodding Head’s assistant brewer.

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